Wednesday 2 December 2015

November 2015: The One Where It Snowed.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

November 2015: The One Where It Snowed.

November 1: pumpkin carnage.
November 2: first ever pumpkin pie.
November 3: perfecting the crimp.
November 4: hot, salty fries.
November 5: cooking dinner.
November 6: time to roast my garlic.
November 7: rainy day biryani.
November 8: Sunday jalebis.
November 9: leftovers.
November 10: spot the smile!
November 11: taco bar.
November 12: this was so juicy.
November 13: very common view these days.
November 14: baking a cake.
November 15: a meat pie for a wet Sunday.
November 16: the garden mint is still growing.
November 17: baking swirls today.
 November 18: scone day!
 November 19: herring first-timer.
November 20: cauliflower fritter bar.
November 21: first snow.
November 22: Sunday coffee + custard creams.
November 23: when only daal will do.
November 24: what happens to freshly baked cakes in this house.
November 25: burger night!
November 26: sumac is so pretty.
November 27: cracking.
November 28: dolloping my favourites.
November 29: sizzling.
November 30: oatmeal raisin craving.

your photos: when @saudilyfe was inspired by one of my toast toppings.
pea pulao - cooked by @helpmeicantcook
homemade pizza using this naan dough for the base - cooked by @dania_noor13
giant chocolate chip cookie - baked by @amy280412
chicken jalfrezi - cooked by @b_bawazir
chicken tikka biryani - cooked by @helpmeicantcook
coconut + raspberry jam shortbread slices - baked by @m.timol
giant chocolate chip cookie - baked by @eleganceofhenna
one of you lovely people on Snapchat turned my carrot cake into cupcakes.

as always, send me your photos. I love seeing them. details on how to here!

 my favourite meals: chicken seekh kebabs + spicy yoghurt + cucumber + tomatoes + pickled jalapenos.
hot french fries + salt.
Thai noodle soup.
toast with smooth peanut butter with strawberry jam + tea.
Hungarian chicken paprikash + egg noodles.
spicy chicken wings.
spicy salmon parcel + potatoes, carrots and peas curry.
crispy fish + white sauce + fresh tomato salsa.
crispy fish + chips + mushy peas + tomato ketchup.
baked chicken and onions in soft tortilla + feta + cucumber tomato salsa + chilli sauce.
scrambled eggs + olive oil spread on toast.
keema pie + mashed potatoes.
keema pie + sweet potato crisps + spicy yoghurt + pulao.
tinned herring in vinegar with tomatoes.
cauliflower fritters + cucumber + lettuce + cherry tomatoes + cumin yoghurt + tamarind sauce.
veggie pizza with tomato sauce + bell peppers + tomatoes + red onion + Cheddar.
daal with Sriracha seared chicken.
veggie fried rice with peas, sweetcorn and peppers + battered Sriracha fried chicken.
chicken kebab in a brioche bun with cucumber + tomato + Cheddar + mayo + ketchup.
mini chicken kebabs + sumac roasted sweet potatoes + steamed carrots, peas and tomato + ketchup.
cheese and onion flan + roasted sumac sweet potatoes + steamed carrots, peas and tomato.
potato pancakes + red onion and pepper omelette + ketchup.
spicy chicken stir-fry with onions, carrots and peppers + boiled jasmine rice.
spicy lamb steak with onions + mashed potatoes + roasted cherry tomatoes and peppers with basil.
my favourite bakes: my first ever pumpkin pie!
 Nutella cinnamon rolls.
sultana yoghurt scones.
sour cream + yoghurt chocolate chip cake.
my tablet wallpaper.
my phone wallpaper.

I hope you've all had a wonderful month of November and I must say, December is looking pretty good so far, alhamdulillah.

Keep me in your duas please,


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