Sunday 6 December 2015

Double Cookies + Custard Slice Week + Nutella Pastries: 28 November - 4 December 2015.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

how's it going guys? has this guy been your way yet? we have had plenty of strong winds and rain but alhamdulillah, it's calmed down now. today is all about the pie. I have discovered a new favourite and since it involves all of my favourites (chicken, crispy pastry, soy sauce, white pepper), we're on to a definite winner.

this week, I have baked so much. there were sweet pastries (Nutella truffle filling anyone?!) on the weekend followed by a classic oatmeal raisin on Monday.
also on Monday, I made homemade puff pastry, ate way too much honey vanilla yoghurt and roasted all the cherry tomatoes. 

in the days that followed, I whisked up the goodness that is thick vanilla custard, made a spicy veggie noodle stir-fry with tinned salmon and beat together the chocolatiest of cookie doughs. the dough was chilled, scooped, doused in icing sugar and baked to crinkled perfection.
we ended this very sweet week by assembling one of my all-time favourites - the custard slice.

of course, I had to have one with my morning coffee! I'm off now to bake a batch of dark chocolate sea salt granola <-- so excited for! hope you've had a good week too!

here's more from my week:

 Saturday: the weekend began with so much rain!
 I picked more fresh peppers.
 and, using leftover shortcrust, baked a few sweet pastries. the pastry was rolled and cut.
time to grab the fillings!
 first filling? Nutella.
 a good teaspoon onto one side of the circle.
 next, my other absolute favourite - caramelized biscuit spread.
 I also used lemon curd and raspberry jam.
 folded over and pressed closed.
 pricked and ready to bake!
 a dusting of icing sugar.
 sliced open!
 the Nutella one was the best - like a Nutella truffle wrapped in pastry! these guys disappeared pretty fast!
 time for some actual food!
 my chicken stir-fry turned into a spicy curry and I was not complaining. 
seasoned with Sriracha, oyster sauce and white pepper - it was perfect over jasmine rice.
 Sunday: afternoon coffee with naan khatai + cake rusk.
 my Mother cooked a fish curry. she tempered cumin spices and chillies in hot oil.
 in went a homemade curry sauce.
 with more spices!
 she forgot to add the tomato puree.
the fish simmered away and the curry was ready! here is Mum's battered fish curry.
 Monday: I defrosted a pack of frozen cherries today.
they went into a pan with cornflour, water, butter and sugar.
bubbled and cooked down to make a cherry sauce. I adapted this recipe.
making my current favourite snack: mix yoghurt + honey + vanilla essence. top with fruit! so good!
when you need to chill butter quickly? dump it in the freezer!
making this pastry!
rolled, turned and wrapped up!
baking oatmeal raisin cookies!
my full photo recipe is here!
at lunch, I placed cherry tomatoes + bell pepper + olive oil + salt + pepper into an oven tray.
roasted the whole lot at 200C for about 12-15 minutes.
then, finished with a good handful of torn fresh basil.
really good with spicy lamb steak and mashed potatoes.
 Tuesday: vanilla custard in the making.
whisked up!
thickened and left to cool completely.
then, chopping chocolate.
beating butter with sugar!
and, leaving this super chocolatey cookie dough to chill in the fridge overnight.
for dinner, I softened peas + red onion + bell pepper.
added Sriracha + white pepper + oyster sauce + rice noodles.
eaten at dinner with tinned salmon that we spiced up with tomatoes + red chilli + salt + cumin + coriander + curry powder.
 Wednesday: black and white!
I scooped the cookie dough and rolled them in icing sugar.
baked and ready to eat!
these brownie cookies are so good! my recipe is here and I added extra chocolate chunks this time!
adding a sprig of basil to the chicken for my lasagne.
baked to perfection! you cannot beat my chicken lasagne on a December night!
 Thursday: baking homemade puff pastry.
for my custard slices!
 Friday: a sunny morning!
time to assemble the custard slices before breakfast!
two pieces of homemade puff pastry sandwiched together with thick vanilla bean custard and finished on top with a simple water icing.
finally, melted dark chocolate in a piping bag ready to pipe.
the Mother took over.
we're done!
then, in to the fridge to set.
before enjoying a slice with my morning coffee.
I always forget how delicious these homemade custard slices are. they take a little time to make but are so worth it!
time to slice up!
packaged up and ready to go!
finally, the cherry sauce was piled onto meringues with lashings of Nutella whipped cream!

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Have a wonderful week everyone! Keep me in your duas, please!


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