Sunday 29 November 2015

Saturday Snow + Meatball Pizza + Veggie Fried Rice: 21-27 November 2015.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

how are you guys?
how's your week been? can you believe tomorrow is the last day of November?!! no, me neither. is it raining where you are as much as it has been raining here? we've had so much rain in the past few days - may Allah make it beneficial rain - ameen.

before my weekly deluge of photos begins, I want to share this saying of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) with you:

The one who initiates the Salaam is free of pride.

I love this hadith - to practice upon it, we should try and be the first person to say, "Assalamu alaikum" to others. Insha Allah, through doing this, Allah will remove pride and arrogance from our hearts.

alhamdulillah, my weekend began with snow. it was so nice on Saturday to pull up the blinds and see the white stuff everywhere. even though we had only a light dusting. still, it was snow! it's not been seen in these parts since January. since it was so cold out, we stayed in and baked pizza. I brushed mine with a basil brown butter and dotted it with Greek lamb meatballs stuffed with feta (as you do!). post-bake, I dipped them in a cooling tzatziki sauce. Monday began with a craving for daal so only a pan of bubbling, spicy daal would do.
on Tuesday, the dishwasher decided to explode mid-way whilst I was baking this chocolate studded cake. ooh, I also cooked an epic veggie fried rice for lunch. the week ended with a tall burger for Wednesday dinner, finally trying sumac on Thursday and chasing the dark afternoon light on an incredibly wet Friday with a decadent flan in tow!

here's more from my week:
 Saturday: this morning, we woke up to snow!
only a light dusting but still!
actual snow!
my cousin texted me on Friday night telling me to look outside. I was so happy! everyone knows I am obsessed with snow!
it was a beautifully cold day ...
... and we made pizza! I got the dough rising - this time, I used this recipe.
a box of tomatoes arrived! we froze most of them and ate the rest!
I made a tzatziki dip to eat with the pizza. I strained the yoghurt through a paper towel lined sieve. It makes it so creamy!
into the yoghurt went sour cream, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, seasoning and white wine vinegar.
finally, in went seeded and grated cucumber.
at the same time, I tossed baked pizza dough knots into a basil brown butter.
to make garlic knots! I adapted this recipe!
for the actual pizza, I cooked off Greek lamb meatballs stuffed with feta.
toppings and dough ready!
brushed with basil brown butter.
then, on went the meatballs, peppers, red onion, tomatoes and cheese.
baked and finished with fresh basil!
eaten with the tzatziki dip!
Sunday: coffee and custard creams to get through a busy day.
 Monday: I woke up craving daal.
So, only daal would do! so good.
also, chicken being marinaded.
using this recipe!
sliced and eaten at dinner with boiled rice and a curry sauce.
Tuesday: chocolate chunks and chocolate chips are always a good start.
oh, and the dishwasher decided to leak out water at the same time. just keeping it real, people! alhamdulillah, it's fixed now.
back to my chocolate.
baked up in this ooey gooey cake.
so good, that it had to be cut up straight away.
cannot wait to share it with you all soon, insha Allah.
for lunch, I made a quick fried veggie rice.
beginning by softening up onion and spring onion.
then, in went bell pepper, peas and sweetcorn.

seasoned the whole thing up with hot chilli sauce + stir-fry sauce (veggie version of oyster sauce) + soy sauce + white pepper. guys, I am in love with white pepper - it tastes sooo good.
cold, cooked rice was tossed in and stir-fried until hot and crispy.
served with a piece of chicken, this fried rice was such a good lunch.
 Wednesday: coffee + cake!
slicing up!
that chocolate!
at dinner, chicken kofta curry. this time, we left out the boiled eggs.
also, a chicken kebab brioche burger.
 Thursday: trying out sumac for the first time today.
it's a beautiful dark red colour and is quite lemony in flavour.
I want to try it on chicken soon but today, used it on these sweet potato chunks.
diced, spiced and roasted.
eaten with mini chicken kebabs and steamed veggies for Thursday dinner.
Friday: the Mother making homemade pastry.
cracking eggs!
golden, cheesy perfection!
my shoes match the cakestand!
oh my days! this was dangerously good, alhamdulillah! 

my Friday reminder to me and to you over on Instagram.

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Keep me in your duas please, and stay dry in these very wet conditions,


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