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Pea Pulao

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

Pea Pulao is what is made in my house when my mother wants a pulao, but she wants it quick and easy. Basically, it contains all the flavour of a normal pulao but just cooks faster. Plus, it's completely vegetarian!

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Sunflower Oil
2. Cloves
3. Cinnamon Stick
4. Cumin Seeds
5. Black Peppercorns
6. Black Cardamom
7. Green Chillies
8. Onion
9. Water
10. Peas
11. Salt
12. Basmati Rice

Bismillah, let's start!

First, wash and soak 2 and 1/2 cups (540g) Basmati rice.

Heat 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil in a large saucepan.

Take: (from top going clockwise)

4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp cumin seeds
4 black cardamoms
4 black peppercorns

Add them to the hot oil.

Slice 2 green chillies.

Add the sliced green chillies.

Let the spices and chillies fry on a medium heat until they sizzle and pop - only about a minute.

Take 1 large onion, thinly sliced or diced.

Add the sliced onion.

Brown the onions for about 15-20 minutes, over a medium heat until they become really dark brown. This dark colour is what gives the rice its brown colour.

Next, turn the heat right down and add 1/4 cup of water and put the lid on straight away. It is really important that you do this because as soon as you add the water, the onions start to spit.

Uncover as soon as the spitting stops (a few seconds), and fry for 2  minutes on a medium heat.

Next, add 1 cup (250g) of frozen peas. You can add any other frozen vegetables you like, and make this a Vegetable Pulao.

Add 2 teaspoons Salt.

Stir fry for a few minutes.

Add 5 cups (1 litre and 220ml) Water using the same measuring cup that you used to measure the rice.

Bring to the boil.

Add the rice.

Taste the liquid for salt. If it's less, then add more.
Put onto a medium heat until the rice soaks up all the water.
Once the rice has soaked up the water, cover for 15-20 minutes on a low heat.

After 15-20 minutes covered on a low heat, the rice is done!

This pulao would be great with My Chicken Tikka Masala and of course, with My Green Yoghurt Chutney!


Pea Pulao


·     2 and ½ cups (540g) Basmati Rice
·     4 tablespoons Sunflower Oil
·     4 Cloves
·     1 Cinnamon Stick
·     1 teaspoon Cumin Seeds
·     4 Black Cardamoms
·     4 Black Peppercorns
·     2 Green Chillies, sliced
·     1 large Onion, peeled and sliced
·     1 litre and 220ml Water
·     1 cup (250g) Frozen Peas
·     2 teaspoons Salt


1.  Wash and soak the rice.

2.  Heat the oil in a large saucepan. Add the cloves, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, black cardamoms, black peppercorns and the green chillies.

3.  Fry everything on a medium heat until they begin to sizzle. Add the sliced onion, and brown for 15-20 minutes on a medium heat until they become really dark brown.

4.  Next, turn the heat right down and add a splash of water, and put the lid on straight away. Uncover after a few seconds, and fry for 2 minutes over a medium heat.

5.  Then, add the peas and salt. Stir fry for a few minutes. Add the water – use the same cup to measure the water as you did the rice.

6.  Bring to the boil, and then add the rice. Taste for seasoning at this point. Place onto a medium heat until the rice soaks up all the water.

7.  Once all the water is soaked up, cover for 15-20 minutes on a low heat. Serve immediately! 

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  1. Hy sis please could you help? Taste was good but twice now my onions have been visible, have i not cooked them long enough before i turned down heat?

    1. After you have added the water, and are frying for the two minutes then also take a spoon and mash the onions so they become a puree. My mum also said you can puree them with a hand blender at that stage too - hope that helps!

  2. thanks so much. please thank your mum too, sadly I lost my mum (allah swt jannat naseeb karay) four months ago, so I feel happy you and your mum so close. it so nice, Sorry it came up anonymous first, I have posted comments before, Nasreen. I will try this suggestion. x

    1. No problem! So sorry to hear about your mother - may Allah grant her the highest place in Jannah - Ameen :)

  3. Ameen sis, inshallah Allah swt will......xxSis are you on faacebook?

    1. No I'm not lol .. need to make an account .. I'm on Instagram and Twitter though :)

  4. hy sis just saw your message - im not on instagram or twitter, am too dumb lol!! get on fb sis then I can be your friend. I tell hubby all the time your are my 'friend' mashallah you have changed my 'life' cooking wise, and I love all the good things you tell us about our religion, am truly blessed for having come across you. Where are you from?

    1. Well you'll be happy to know that I recently joined Facebook - search for This Muslim Girl Bakes. I'm still figuring out how to use it though lol :) Jazakillah khair for all your lovely comments. I'm from north west England.

  5. assalaamu alaykum sis,
    I made this pea pulao as part of our iftar last night, we really enjoyed it :). Jazaak Allahu Khayran for sharing your recipes.

    1. Wasalaam! I'm really glad you made and enjoyed the pulao. It's a such a classic recipe and all-time favourite of mine. I hope your Ramadan is going well!

  6. Very nice pulao. Easy to make, but so delicious. Thank you )))

    1. Glad you liked it! I'll be sharing another veggie pulao very soon! :)

  7. Thanks for your recipes hun! They are amazing i am trying them all since moving out of inlaws and having to cook, please on future recipes can you write portions of how many people ur recipe will serve saves me making too much! Lol

    1. It's no problem! I'm glad you're cooking and enjoying them. In my new recipes, I have been putting the portions but still need to update my old ones - so sorry! :)

  8. Its ok not a problm but if you can would be much much appreciated as theres only 2 and half of us and dont want to overcook xx

  9. Made this today. Came out very well. Love your blog. The pictures you post make me feel like i am right there in the kitchen with you.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it and that the pictures help you! :)

  10. Can you substitute the black pepper corn with black Pepper and also how much wud I put in and also I have Cinamon powder not the stick :k

    1. Add 1/2 teaspoon black pepper and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder.


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