Friday 5 December 2014

Panettone Attempt + Spicy Peri Peri Chicken + Rainbows: 29 November - 5 December 2014

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

 Saturday: New candles joining the gang today. The scents are, from the top, vanilla, gingerbread and orange - very seasonal!
Lamb shoulder, cut into pieces, ready to be cooked into a Lamb Pulao.
The base of any good pulao is always an even better stock.
As the rice was cooking, Mum whipped up a batch of her famous, green yoghurt chutney.
We ate the pulao with the chutney and salad. Followed by clementines, cookies and plenty of tea. And, of course, good company!
Sunday: Today was the last day of November. How has this month gone by so quickly?
It was extra cold today and so, the perfect time to try a new hot chocolate.
The hot chocolate was this one.
Just right for a chilly Sunday afternoon with an old favourite!
My Mother roasted a batch of Spicy Chicken Wings today.
She marinated them in salt, vegetable oil, red chilli powder, curry powder, cumin seeds and cornflour. They were roasted until crispy.
They were really tasty, even though I took the skin off mine, which I'm not really a fan of.
Dessert was my favourite, clementines!
 Monday: My Mother froze another batch of fresh coriander today. It doesn't keep very well and so, she finds that freezing it is best.
Today, I made a large batch of Bolognese. Because I didn't have time, I used ready-made sauce. These Dolmio jars are one of my favourite good quality ones.
I browned lamb mince with ...
... with salt, red chilli powder, dried oregano and tomato puree.
Once it was nicely browned, I added in two large jars of the sauce, and simmered it for an hour or two.
For dinner, I boiled up a little spaghetti.
And, served it with the sauce on top. So good.

My Mother always buys walnuts like this, but I'm not a fan.
Tuesday: Today, I decided to bake a Panettone. Here are a few photos from the process.
The dough was left to rise for 4 hours.
It has been extremely cold here recently, and that has made for plenty of pretty sunsets.
And, plenty of clear sightings of the moon.
I froze majority of the bolognese sauce - it's always handy to have a ready batch in the freezer.
And, baked a small Lasagne with some of it.
Wednesday: I left the panettone rising slowly overnight and then baked them in the morning. The recipe isn't 100% ready yet and still needs work. But the bread was tasty enough - filled with juicy raisins and plenty of orange and lemon flavour.
Another clear and stunning morning here!
Perfect for starry fairy lights and candles scented with gingerbread and vanilla.
Today, we tried out this oven tray for chips.
It's made of wire mesh and the French fries baked on it were the crispiest I have ever tasted. 
Thursday: My usual winter breakfast - porridge!
Ingredients out to bake a flourless chocolate cake.
Butter browning.
Whipped vanilla cream.
Cinnamon going into egg whites.
Here it is in all its glory - cannot wait to share the recipe with you!
Update: Here is the recipe.
Mum made spicy peri peri chicken slices for dinner. This is chicken breast sliced and marinated in peri peri sauce, salt, curry powder, lemon juice, vegetable oil and red chilli powder. 
We ate them with peas, sweetcorn and mashed potatoes.
Spiced fruit cookies from Germany!
Friday: The flourless chocolate cake was such a success yesterday, I ended up baking it again today.
 Once again, I'll be sharing the recipe soon, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the recipe.

The cake and cream were packaged up and sent to cheer someone up!
There was plenty of weird weather today.
Cloudy skies, then blue skies, then rain, then hailstones which resulted in a pretty rainbow!
Finally, Chicken Corn Soup cooked by my aunt for lunch - perfect for a dark, December afternoon.

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Keep cosy - it's freezing out there!


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