Friday 28 December 2018

Most Popular Recipes 2018!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It's my favourite time of year!
I honestly love this day every year where I go through the blog and see which recipe has been the most popular with you guys. I hope some of you find a few new gems that you may have missed in this hectic year of 2018.

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Your Top 10 Most Popular Savoury Recipes 2018:

10. Baked Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce - delicate salmon, a blender lemon dill sauce, lighter mashed potatoes, and juicy vegetables. This dinner was a real favourite with my family during the Summer.

9. Folded Cheese Pepper Omelette - my first recipe of the year was this omelette. One of you commented on Instagram - "It makes me stupidly happy to see baked beans in an instapost". 
Another comment from the recipe post was "Alhamdulillah, very nice. Just had it for Iftari as I am on a healthy diet".

8. Dali Bora (Bengali Lentil Pakoras) - I was so excited to discover this Bengali snack in April courtesy of one of my favourite Bengali home cooks. These 6-ingredient vegan pakoras are perfect for whenever you're in the mood for a spicy snack.

7. Crispy Fish Tacos - these tacos were definitely one of my favourites from this year. I posted them during Ramadan and they were a real hit with you guys too. Wrapped up in soft homemade tortillas are chunks of crispy fried cod, lashings of a spicy creamy chipotle sauce and plenty of fresh tomato salsa. Yum!

6. Chicken Schnitzel - I had wanted to make chicken schnitzel for ages and finally got round to it in April. Suffice to say, it did not disappoint.

5. Boneless Lamb Biryani - just in time for Eid-ul-Adha, I posted a recipe for boneless lamb biryani. Many of you loved the idea of using a spice infuser when par-boiling the rice. 
One follower on Instagram summed it up perfectly: "Love the tea strainer idea. Saves picking the masala out after and the inevitability of one person biting on a cardamom pod".

4. Our House Kichri - I'm so happy that this recipe made the top 10. When I was younger, I was not a fan but now I cannot get enough of this comforting rice dish.

3. Boneless Lamb Curry - I love how easy this curry was to make. Usually, I prefer lamb with bone for curries but this time I used boneless and because of the intense masala, it was just as tasty. One of you commented under the recipe - "Fantastic, the whole family loved it".

2. Aloo Paratha - if you read my disasters post yesterday, you'll know that I had one of my biggest disasters of the year when testing out this recipe. Thankfully, I learnt from my mistake and the result above was perfection.

1. Creamy Chicken Pasta Bake - the only pasta recipe that I posted this year turned out to be the most popular overall. Just as well because this is one of my personal comfort food favourites. 
A follower on Instagram said - "Tried this recipe yesterday and it came out beautifully. One of the best pasta bakes me and my husband have had!" 

Your Top 10 Most Popular Sweet Recipes 2018:

10. Chocolate Pudding - I knew you guys would love this recipe and I was right! This pudding comes together so easily and can be eaten hot or cold. Perfect for any time of year!

9. Carrot Cupcakes with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting - these cupcakes were perfect for a Spring tea. They're so soft and pair perfectly with the toffee-flavoured frosting.

8. Carrot Kheer - another carrot dessert! I'm so glad you guys love them as much as we do. This kheer is perfect hot or cold and I love it with plenty of raisins.

7. No-Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake - this is the perfect showstopper. It's even better made in advance and uses everyday ingredients. I've always loved no-bake cheesecake and this one contains my two favourite flavours together.

6. Lychee Caramel Cream Cake - I was pleasantly surprised to see this cake in the top 10. It is such a lightly flavoured cake and makes a lovely change from all the usual desserts.

5. Apple and Blackberry Crumble - this was the perfect start to Autumn this year. Everyone loves a crumble and my first one of Autumn is usually baked with the annual apple delivery from the tree in my cousin's mother-in-law's garden. This one was no exception. 
A reader commented about the crumble - "A delicious crumble especially the extra crunch. My daughter couldn't stop eating it. She had the leftovers (without custard) with tea and even took it in her packed lunch!"

4. Falooda - wow, this picture takes me right back to Summer. I can feel the heat from here. I finally posted an easy version of this classic Pakistani drink dessert in June. Just in time for the Summer heat!
A follower on Instagram said - "This picture got me going in Ramadan to make it as Iftar gifts. Safe to say they all loved it".

3. Churros with Chocolate Sauce - another dessert which I knew you guys would love. Churros had been on my bucket list for a while and 2018 was finally the year that they made it to the blog.
A follower on Instagram commented - "I made these. Amazing. I doubled the amounts though and ended up with about a thousand churros".

2. Virgin Mojito Drink - another picture and drink that just screams Summer at me. I can clearly remember shooting the mojito drinks. It was such a hot Saturday morning and all the ice was melting like crazy. 
One of you on Instagram commented - "So basically, thismuslimgirl posts something and I try making it the next day. Word of advice to anyone making the mojito, don't be impatient like me and use manky mint that's on its last legs and a shrivelled up lime just because you're desperate to try this out asap! Learnt my lesson and bought the fresh stuff and it was lovely".

1. Mango Lassi - I am so surprised that this made it to the top spot. It now has me craving sweet Summer mangoes on this cold December night!

My Personal Favourite Savoury Recipe:
I have loved all the recipes that I posted this year but this vegetarian Vada Pav was one of my favourites. Everything just went so well together - the fried potato ball, zingy green sauce and plenty of dry garlic chutney.

My Personal Favourite Sweet Recipe:
On the sweet side, the Hummingbird Cake gets my vote. It was a cake that I had wanted to try for ages and thankfully, was not disappointed when I did. My vision for it was all Spring-like but the Beast from the East had other plans.

Thank you so much for following along this year. Your support and kind words mean everything to me. Keep me in your duas please!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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