Thursday 24 May 2018

Virgin Mojito Drink.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Wow, we've been fasting for a week!

After a good start, I was like this fasting business is easier than I remember.
Then on day 4, I crashed and Ramadan fatigue took over. Alhamdulillah, since then things have been better. I've gotten into a good routine and my body now expects food only at Iftar and Sehri time.

Food-wise, I share a lot of the cooking on my Instagram Story everyday around Iftar time. Last night, I made beef shami kebabs, courgette sweetcorn fritters, cannoli zeppole and chilli chips. I shared the recipe link for the chips on Instagram yesterday and so many of you immediately made them. That recipe is definitely a favourite on this blog.

Along with the food, Iftar has been all about the drinks. We cannot get enough of them because of the long hot fasting day. That first sip is literally the best feeling in the world. So far, I've made mango milkshake, strawberry lemonade, frozen hot chocolate, and yesterday my Mum made strawberry milkshake with strawberry ice cream and strawberry milkshake powder. Can't beat it!

We usually have a milky drink one day and a non-milky drink the next day. These virgin mojito drinks would be perfect tonight when there's no milk involved. There's no precise recipe for them as it's all up to your own taste. Add plenty of mint and lime juice to a glass. Bash it up to get the flavours mingling before topping with refreshing 7 Up, lime slices and all the ice. Just the drink after a long hot day's fast.

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A Simple List of Ingredients:
1. Fresh Mint
2. Limes
3. Ice
4. 7 Up

Bismillah, let's begin!

So, as I said before this is a method rather than a recipe. Today, I'm making 3 large glasses of the virgin mojito - each glass will take 1 tin of 7 Up. You can make one large batch in a jug too!

Our first ingredient is fresh mint. You'll need only the mint leaves so make sure to get rid of the stalks.

Place a few Mint Leaves in your glasses.

I found that the longer you let the drink sit, the stronger the mint flavour. If you're planning to serve the mojito straight away, add more fresh mint than usual.

Next, squeeze in plenty of fresh Lime Juice.

You can also squeeze in a little lemon juice to boost up that 7 Up lemon lime flavour.

Then, grab your favourite wooden spoon. I was gifted this beautiful handcrafted one recently by The Visual Age. I've used them quite often since and can say that they've stood the test of time so far. Definitely one to put on your Eid gift list for the food lover in your life! P.S. I was just browsing her Etsy page and LOVE this jar of healing. What a great idea! Follow Qudsiyah on Instagram here.

Use the handle of the wooden spoon to muddle (basically bash and smush) the mint and lime juice together.

There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just bash as best you can!

We're nearly done - just 3 steps left. First, throw in a few Lime Slices.

Second, add in as much Ice as you want.

A little tip to any food bloggers out there - never shoot a recipe with ice in the hottest room in your house. It will not end well.

Finally, pour in a freshly opened can of cold 7 Up or Sprite.

When I was researching virgin mojitos, I found that most of them used sparkling water and a sugar syrup (along with the mint and lime). I'm not the biggest sparkling water fan and wasn't in the mood to make a sugar syrup so in came the 7 Up.

And, it worked perfectly. If you're not too fond of sugary drinks, I'm sure Diet 7 Up would work well here too.

I hope this refreshing drink makes an appearance at your Iftar table this month.

Virgin Mojito Drink.

a refreshing cold drink with plenty of fresh mint and lime.

Prep Time: About 10 minutes.
Cook Time: None!
Serves: Makes as many as you want.


Fresh Mint Leaves, to taste
Fresh Lime Juice, to taste
Limes, thinly sliced and to taste
Ice Cubes, to taste
7 Up or Sprite Tins, to taste

To make one glass:

  • Put the mint leaves and lime juice into a glass. Using the handle of a wooden spoon, muddle and bash the leaves and juice together. 
  • Add in the lime slices, ice cube and top with 7 Up or Sprite.
  • Serve with a straw.
To make a large jug:
Simply, do the same as above but use about 4 tins of 7 Up or Sprite.

Keep me in your Ramadan duas please, and enjoy your virgin mojito!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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