Wednesday 31 August 2016

August 2016: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It's the final day of August. I hope yours has been just as good as mine. Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with many beautiful things here this month. My most favourite of which was the arrival of our newest little nugget. May Allah make her the coolness of her parent's eyes - ameen! Enjoy my post!

Food: blueberry breakfast cookie + coffee.
 wholemeal blueberry pancakes.
pasta with tuna, lemon and capers.
orange vanilla fruit salad.
texas sheet cake.
fish curry + wholemeal pitta flatbread.
chicken keema curry + wholemeal pitta flatbreads + minty yoghurt + cucumber + tomato + lemon + pickled pepper.
 chicken keema paratha + minty yoghurt.
smoky sweet potato + chickpea fritters.
baked lemon pepper fish + peppers and onions + chilli lemon corn.
butter chicken 2016 + boiled rice.
banana chocolate chip muffins.
butter chicken toasted cheese bagel + cherry tomatoes + doughnut peach + cucumber.
green banana crepes.
the laziest chicken biryani + cucumber + tomato + lemon + crisps.
charred spring onion and pea fritters + baked fries + minty sumac yoghurt + tomato mint green sauce.
greek salmon + masoor daal + baked paprika oregano sweet potato fries + greek peppers and spinach.
chicken gyro salad wrap.

toasted cheesy chicken gyro salad wrap + cucumber + lettuce + pickled peppers.

apricot + white chocolate scones.

spicy roast chicken + homemade oven chips + cucumber + tomato + lettuce + lemon.
 peanut buttercup squares.
pasta salad with roasted tomatoes.
slush smoothie - frozen banana + frozen raspberries + frozen mango + fresh orange juice + blueberries + milk.
 fresh coriander + green chilli french toast.
 fresh coriander mint chutney + buttered roti.
jerk chicken with rice and peas + grilled corn + peppers and onions.
hot chocolate.
 tandoori chicken keema pizza.
pineapple upside-down cake.
mum's creamy chicken balti.
white pizza with garlic sauce and herbs.
white + green veggie pizza with garlic sauce and herbs.
pizza dough cinnamon rolls.
jeni's milkiest chocolate ice cream.
lamb chickpea pulao + green yoghurt chutney.
scrambled egg + spicy bean toasted wrap.
chicken potato pulao + green yoghurt chutney.
almond chocolate chunk cookies.

peanut butter + jelly cupcakes.
 mango cardamom lassi.
quick spinach and chickpea curry.
potato pancake + masala omelette + beans.
 mature cheddar + cooked chicken + corn + cucumber + crackers + tomato jalapeno relish + vegetable pickle.
 sindhi fried fish.
 homemade oven chips.
homemade curry sauce.
 caramel mudslide cupcakes.
 sea salt chocolate chunk cookies.
cheese and potato pie + oven fries + curry sauce + ketchup + mushy peas.
spring onion pancakes.
 gluten-free chocolate brownies with salted caramel + cornish ice cream + more salted caramel.
chicken burger.
 salted caramel brownies.
 okra pakoras.
 potato + onion pakoras.
gujarati kari kichri + poppadom + carrot pickle.
cheese salad sandwiches.
sticky toffee pudding + coconut milk caramel cream cheese frosting.
sloppy joes + crisps + cherry tomatoes.
 grilled sloppy joes sandwich + cheddar and tomato sandwich.
sloppy joes pasta.


 Favourites: putting blueberries, dark chocolate and toasted almonds into ...
... my breakfast cookies!
 double yolk!
squeezing the orange into my orange vanilla syrup.
 baking a chocolate cake.
 a really good one!
 putting honey into my flatbreads.
and, making the prettiest salad.
 oh my gosh, this frosting.
on this cake.
 was everything!
it is up to you to see the beauty in everyday things.
the recipe said 'equally divide the dough into eight'.
 fresh fruit and jelly experiments!
saturday night fritters.
sunday night fish.
making butter chicken ...
... on what felt like the hottest day of the year!
baking my favourite ...
... muffins!
look at that chocolate!
blooming sunflower.
setting up to shoot crepes!
using my new favourite vanilla extract!
the sweetest raspberries!
charring my spring onions.
coffee time!
forever baking.
using those beautiful raspberries in a lemon cake.
working with fresh apricots and white chocolate.
and, putting them into the softest scones.
saturday evening.
mum's spicy roast chicken.
my new favourite homemade oven chips!
 roasting my cherry tomatoes with a little salt and olive oil.
 little tomato nuggets.
ready to be tossed into pasta with the best oregano dressing and all the basil.
rockets in the sunshine.
 roti time!
 my favourite thing about summer.
the ultimate summer meal.
afternoon walk under my favourite trees.
 meeting my new favourite person! my cousin had a baby girl!
 hot chocolate time!
I dug out my old coffee machine from the shed and we're obsessed.
cleaning out the fridge for the weekend.
I used up all my veggies to make ...
... homemade veggie pizzas for the freezer!
onto leftover dough, I spread garlic white sauce and sprinkled on fresh oregano, thyme, rosemary and basil. so good!
more leftover dough was spread with cinnamon goodness ...
... and rolled to make cinnamon rolls!
chocolate ice cream in the making!
sunday afternoon up on the hills.
the ice cream was epic.
mum used up leftover lamb curry to make a pulao.
I bought a plant. let's see how long it lasts!
putting half a jug of Nutella into my brownies.
more leftover curry being make into a pulao.
nothing like a beautiful sunrise to begin a day.
gluten-free peanut butter cake batter.

baked into cupcakes.
cooled and pumped with strawberry jam.

whipped peanut butter buttercream.

super-quick peanut butter crumb.
 sprinkled and drizzled.
 the perfect welcome-home gift for the new mummy.
just had her head shaved!
and so her adventure begins ...
 fresh from the oven.
pumped with salted caramel.
ready to enjoy!

cookie dough!
 the moon making an appearance at sunrise.
 the sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. it will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.
 spot the frog!
baking brownies ...

... swirled with salted caramel.

made a spring onion oil ...
 ... to brush onto spring onion pancakes.
 they were super crisp and savoury.
 and, made the most delicious saturday lunch.
burger night!
 gets to spend all day in her pajamas.
 we're all in love.
frying up okra.
 along with potatoes and onions.
to enjoy with gujarati comfort food.

blue skies for bank holiday monday.
 harvesting potatoes.
 packing a picnic.

my happy place.
 softening dates ...
... to make sticky toffee pudding.
autumn is in the air.

Your Photos: butter chicken 2016
 our house pakistani chicken curry
homemade fish and chips 
creamy tomato tagliatelle 
 the chocolate cake
strawberry cake 
 spicy chicken noodles
strawberry cake 
strawberry and kiwi no-bake cheesecake 
no-bake nutella cream tart with oaty shortbread base


I hope you guys had the best August. Let's now look forward to September and Eid-ul-Adha!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! 

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