Sunday 16 August 2015

Summer Veggie Pizza + Giant Cookie + Baking with the Girls: 8-14 August 2015.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

it's Sunday!
my favourite day of the week! the weather here is absolutely beautiful and already ice lollies have been consumed. mine was vanilla - I can never resist the classic vanilla. anyway, I hope you get to have a slow and relaxing day. mine will, insha allah, involve roast chicken and a little pasta.
have a good one!



coming up in today's post, this fresh and very summery veggie pizza.
harvesting sweet peppers!! I still cannot believe that these survived.

the most wonderful melted cheese ever!

this week, I also strayed into savoury scone territory and let's just say, I may not leave.

I baked a giant cookie!

baked cupcakes with the girls.

and brightened up a gloomy Friday with plenty of colour.

here's more from my week:
making naan on a very hot Saturday morning.
the high temperature meant the rising time for the dough was considerably less. always a good thing.
to eat with the naan, we made a batch of chicken tikka skewers.
marinaded chicken was skewered, baked, the excess liquid was drained.
then, they were grilled whilst being basted with garam masala butter.
lunch time!
chicken tikka.
lettuce + cucumber + cherry tomatoes + lemon wedges + pickled peppers.
with minty yoghurt, tamarind sauce and chilli sauce.
for dinner, with the leftover chicken tikka, we cooked chicken tikka masala adapting this recipe.
onions, garlic, fresh coriander, green chillies softening.
then, in went paprika, tinned tomatoes, garam masala, ground coriander and ground turmeric.
the spices were cooked through.
to add to the flavour, we put in the excess liquid that we had saved when baking the chicken tikka at lunch.
a simmer, a drizzle of cream and it was ready!
a beautiful colour without any food colourings added.
with plenty of sauce, it was perfect with naan.
slow Sunday with leftover chicken tikka masala and boiled rice.
and later, we even tossed it with pasta.
 going meatless for Monday so we decided to make a summer veggie pizza. I whipped up a quick no-cook tomato sauce - recipe is here!
there was leftover naan dough from the weekend so that was roughly rolled out and placed onto an oiled baking tray.
on went the tomato sauce.

toppings for me included:
courgette + red onion + sweetcorn + bell pepper + sweet peppers <--- which we grew!
on went the veggies plus salt, pepper and red chilli flakes.
of course, you can't have a pizza without cheese.
we used grated Cheddar and finished the whole thing off with dried oregano.
this pizza baked at the highest oven temperature for 20 minutes until bubbling and golden.
summer on a tray. even me, the person obsessed with chicken, loved this!
the pizza was inspired by this recipe.
Tuesday morning in the garden, harvesting my sweet peppers. I still can't believe we actually grew something that is edible.
here's the plant. as you can see, there are more peppers still on the plant. if we leave them on there, I think they may turn red.

spot the tomatoes! let's hope they do as well as the peppers.

lunch! today? baked camembert.
I sliced up a tiger baguette.
brushed them with a little oil and let them grill until crisp. the Camembert was baked until bubbling and melted inside.
the cheese went onto a board.
with cucumber + cherry tomatoes + doughnut peaches + apple slices + sweet peppers.
and the bread, of course.
to eat, all you do is dig into the cheese with a spoon.
and, spread it over your baguette slice.
you can see the full recipe here!
another lunch of leftovers on a really hot Wednesday afternoon.
 today? fried chicken polony + corn chips + leftover pizza.
 toasted baguette slices and onion bagels spread with flavoured cream cheese.
 on the side, salsas, sweet chilli sauce and relishes.
 plenty of cheese and spices to bake savoury scones.
 these were filled with mature Cheddar, mustard, paprika and sweet smoked paprika.

for dinner, a mixture of grated courgette and carrot with dried herbs, eggs and breadcrumbs.
 formed into croquettes.
and baked in the oven. I used this recipe.
 Thursday afternoon baking with a giant batch of cookie dough.
 who said cookies have to be small?
 also on the go, a batch of vanilla buttercream.
 I halved this recipe.
dinner --> pan-fried white fish coated in rice flour, salt, red chilli flakes, ground cumin, ground coriander, lemon juice and white wine vinegar + courgette carrot fritters (as shown above) + sweetcorn.
 baking with the nieces on a very wet and grey Friday afternoon.
 vanilla cake batter mixed and split up.
 batter coloured and cases filled.
 ready to bake!
 whilst the cupcakes cooled, we coloured.
 plenty of colour to cheer up a very gloomy day.

later, we baked mini cookies.
 and the children assembled a delicious cookie pie.
after all that sweet, boiled rice with keema, potatoes and peas.
and a slice of pie!

he who is distressed turns his attention in that direction,
certainly there must be something in the name of Allah.

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O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet.
{Surah Muhammad - Verse 7}

Keep me in your duas please, and have a lovely week,


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