Sunday 3 May 2015

Chocolate Fudge + Pink Blossom + 5 o'clock Fruit: 25 April - 1 May 2015

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

this week, there's been heavy rain, chocolate fudge, new plants (pray that they grow!), giant trifles, cookies and sticky chicken.

we've had beautiful, peaceful sunsets, roasted broccoli, praline filled chocolates and pasta bakes.
I've snapped plenty of moments including a tiramisu in the making, pink candy-floss blossom and 5 o'clock fruit bowls.
finally, April ended, a biscuit spread became my new addiction (Nutella has serious competition!!) and I learnt how to pot plants.

Here are my highlights:

 we begin the week with a very rainy Saturday morning.
for which spicy scrambled eggs and toast were perfect.
later, I wanted to make something sweet but no-bake.
I tried a recipe for chocolate fudge which I covered with pretzels and fleur de sel.
new plants ready to plant.
I'm aiming to grow my own tomatoes and chillies this year - let's see how it goes.
later later, ingredients out to make Anzac cookies. oh, and a giant bowl of custard in the back for a huge trifle.
a buttery, syrupy mixture of oats, dessicated coconut and orange among other things.
the recipe I used is here.
then, a fragrant tarka being added to the daal that was also being made.
for dinner, there was a bowl of baby spinach.
a spicy, sticky, sweet marinade.
more fragrant onions, ginger and garlic.
all to make this sticky, sweet, spicy chicken with pea and spinach rice. the recipe was adapted from here.
finally, a ginormous strawberry trifle with plenty of chocolate sprinkles.
in our house, Sundays mean plenty of Indian tea.
and this week, chocolate fudge!

clouds at sunset.
 lunchtime on a Monday and with tea, more fudge.
it's kind of addictive.
for dinner, I roasted a head of broccoli with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.
next time, I think I'll follow my mother's advice and blanch the broccoli before roasting.
also, a tuna pasta bake. the recipe is here.
and, these praline filled beautiful chocolates.
reading the Quran on a Tuesday. have you read the Quran today?
 making tiramisu on a Wednesday morning.
the recipe is here.
 cherry blossom on a Thursday afternoon.
seeing the blossom makes me so happy.
5 o'clock fruit bowl - oranges + pears + grapes.

dinner made using this peri-peri marinade.
simply marinade a slit chicken breast in the marinade.
then roast with potatoes, carrots ..
.. peppers and juicy cherry tomatoes. yum!

April ended today - here is my round up.

Friday morning with this stuff.
it is so good!
time to plant my chillies and tomatoes.
oh, and the tulips are still as pretty as ever.
a lunch of leftovers with a spin on this salad.
 a reminder on the most blessed day of the week.

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have a beautiful week everyone - be kind to others, drink plenty of water and enjoy the blossom before it falls!


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