Thursday 30 April 2015

April 2015: The One Where Summer Arrived.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

April 2015: The One Where Summer Arrived (and then left).

April 1: this tart was so yum.
April 2: re-discovering an old favourite.
April 3: just had to make this fresh tomato salsa again.
 April 4: buns and daffodils.
April 5: where there are mangoes, ice cream soon follows.
April 6: bank holiday Monday with yoghurt and mango.
April 7: dunking.
April 8: this stuff was weird.
April 9: the usual.

April 10: ps. just smile.
April 11: scone day.
April 12: classic combo.
April 13: fish on the roti tonight.
April 14: homemade tortillas make great quesadillas.
April 15: sweetest strawberries so far.
April 16: afternoon snack thing.
April 17: cracked open this coconut oil today.
April 18: my favourite flowers are back.
April 19: roti night.
April 20: chickpeas at lunch.
April 21: daisy chain.
April 22: potato cauliflower fritter day.
April 23: still can't believe I like salmon.
April 24: can't stop taking photos of these tulips.
April 25: oh the magic of chocolate and condensed milk.

April 26: sunday's mean tea. and lots of it.
April 27: how did they make these chocolates?! so pretty.
April 28: have you read the Quran today?
April 29: rainy day whipped cream.
April 30: my favourite.

Baking Challenge: I challenged myself to make fruit buns and I did it.
Healthy recipe challenge: this month, the challenge was baked/grilled fish. I made baked honey mustard salmon - see more here.

Craziest Disaster: not so much crazy but guys, listen to your mother when she tells you to blanch the broccoli before roasting it with garlic. just saying.
Lessons Learnt: small steps everyday. great things don't happen overnight - they need time.
 Favourite meals: shepherd's pie + peas.
 spiced fruit bun with apricot jam and butter + coffee.
 mango + vanilla ice cream.
 mango + yoghurt.
 lamb curry + boiled rice with peas + cucumber.
 keema biryani + green yoghurt chutney + salad + pepsi.
 chicken potstickers + carrot, cucumber and pepper salad + soy chilli dipping sauce.
 fruit scones with butter and strawberry jam.
tomato soup + grilled cheese dippers.
 chicken quesadillas. 
 yoghurt + granola + raspberries.
 potato pancake + keema with peas and cauliflower.
BBQ chicken salad.
 baked spicy roast chicken + aloo gobi fritters + mint chutney.
baked lemon salmon.
 sticky, spicy chicken + pea and spinach rice.
peri peri chicken bake with peppers, carrots and cherry tomatoes.

April, you've been a real beauty. I cannot wait to see what May brings - may Allah make it a blessed one for us all. Ameen.


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