Sunday 29 March 2015

Pooris + First Daffodils + Green Tea: March 21-27 2015

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

she found stillness.
for today it was a breath - 
one lovely, slow, deep breath.

yesterday it was a moment drinking tea alone.
she noticed the steam curling up.

she decided to watch for pockets like these daily.
to plan for them, even.

to enter them like she might
the doorway of a dear friend.
this week, there have been spontaneous lunches of halwa, poori and chanay.

the weather has been beautiful but freezing. and oh so windy.

this hadith: the messenger of Allah (saw) said:
look at the one who is at a lower level than you, and do not look at the one who is above you, for that may keep you from scorning the blessing of Allah. 
(saheeh muslim) 

also, lunches with my cousins before everyone headed off to different places.

finally, literally no words for what happened this week.

here are a few snippets of what's been going on this week:

 on an early Saturday afternoon, my Mother began her spring planting.
I love seeing the garden come back to life after the long winter.
for lunch, we made poori. a deep-fried bread usually eaten with chickpea curry and sweet halwa.
a dough is made with plain flour, wholemeal flour, salt, yoghurt, baking powder, vegetable oil and water.
it's left to rest for a little while and then rolled out.
before being fried in hot oil.
until golden and bubbly.
ready to eat with the traditional chanay (chickpeas) and halwa (sweet semolina pudding).
traditionally this is a breakfast dish but it made an amazing Saturday lunch too.
mint sauce fail! :(
Sunday morning blue skies.

and a day filled with spring cleaning.
Monday afternoon, and there was a hole in my brioche.
time to make a pudding out of it then, and this dark chocolate.
Tuesday evening was made a whole lot better by the arrival of this box of Saag.

Wednesday morning noticeboards.
and outside, the spring had most definitely sprung.
my favourite.
juicy lamb kebabs.
time for tea.
high-fives for jammy dodgers ...
.. cups of green tea and the years first mango. ps. the green tea was this one.
finishing off a Wednesday evening by baking a batch of tortilla chips.
 lunchtimes on a Thursday: chicken shorba.
and chicken pulao.
freesia bulbs peeking through.
salmon marinaded for Thursday dinner.
along with a chilli mango salad.

and another green tea. it's an addiction, I tell you.
 late afternoon Friday cooking including an okra curry. this time, we added baby potatoes to it.
also this spicy chicken pasta but with chicken mince and no pasta. I like to cook up a batch ready for the weekend.
also, cornflakes being baked.
and, a cookie invasion.

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have a beautiful week everyone - pick a bunch of daffodils, watch a sunset and bake a few cookies!

keep me in your duas, please,


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