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Quick Pasta Salad

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is for a Quick Pasta Salad. It is such an easy and versatile recipe. I used leftover cooked chicken in this version but sometimes I put in tinned tuna, which is just as delicious. The salad that you use is completely up to you! I used cucumbers, tomatoes, sweetcorn and green chillies but you could also add in red onions and bell peppers.

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Pasta

2. Cucumber
3. Tomato
4. Green Chillies
5. Sweetcorn
6. Leftover Cooked Chicken
7. Cheese and Onion Deli Filler
8. Mayonnaise
9. Salt and Black Pepper

Bismillah, let's begin!

First, put the pasta on to boil. I used these shell shaped pasta but you can use whatever you have in the cupboard. Place a pan of salted water on to boil, and add in 1 and 1/2 cups dried pasta. Cook according to packet instructions.

While the pasta cooks, slice up the salad. I used cucumber, tomato, green chillies and sweetcorn.

Slice 1/2 a cucumber into quarters, and place into a big bowl.

Dice one tomato.

Add two green chillies, finely sliced.

Throw in a few tablespoons of tinned sweetcorn. You can also add any salad ingredients you like - bell peppers, red onions, lettuce, spinach - anything!

Next, add a few handfuls of cooked sliced chicken. This was chicken that I had leftover from making some Chicken Kathi Rolls
If I don't have chicken in the fridge, I usually add a tin of tuna instead.

By now, the pasta should be cooked. Drain it and wash it under cold water. Add it to the bowl.

Stir well.

Next, take a 200 gram box of Cheese and Onion Deli Filler. If you don't have this, just add only mayonnaise.

Add all the deli filler.

Finally, add one tablespoon of mayonnaise. You may not want to add it, but give the salad a stir, and see if you need it or not.

Stir well. Taste for seasoning, and add salt and black pepper, if needed.

Serve and enjoy!

Quick Pasta Salad

What You Need

·     1 and ½ cups Dried Pasta
·     ½ Cucumber, sliced into quarters
·     1 Tomato, diced
·     2 Green Chillies, finely chopped
·     Few tablespoons Tinned Sweetcorn
·     Few handfuls Cooked Chicken, sliced
·     200 grams box of Cheese and Onion Deli Filler
·     1 tablespoon Mayonnaise
·     Salt and Black Pepper, to taste

What To Do

1. Cook the pasta according to packet instructions.

2. Place the cucumber, tomato, green chillies, sweetcorn and chicken into a large bowl.

3. Once cooked, drain the pasta. Wash under cold water and add to the bowl. Mix well.

4. Add the deli filler and mayonnaise. Mix well and add the salt and pepper, if needed.

5. Serve!

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