Saturday 11 July 2020

Keema Lasagne, Green Pizza and More!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Guys, it has been such a dull week here.

We've had little sunshine but lots of grey skies. I didn't cook that much this week but when I did, it was GOOD. Coming up: spicy keema lasagne, green veggie pizza and more of the giant cookies. The brown sugar chocolate chunk is my new favourite. I just had a bit of it warmed up for 10 seconds in the microwave and it was 👌🏽.

Monday 6 July 12:42pm I commissioned my 4-year-old niece to draw me a NHS rainbow.

2:52pm Chocolate-dipped waffle cones all the way! This one had Belgian chocolate ice cream and raspberry pavlova ice cream. Side note: my favourite purple flowers are blooming and I shall take all my pictures here from now on. 💜

4:23pm Lockdown day 105 and I finally stick up a NHS rainbow. 😂 

no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.

Tuesday 7 July 3:07pm Prepping vegetarian food for dinner tonight - white veggie pizza and Old Bay oven fries.

3:13pm Steaming spinach for the pizza because my Mum used up all my frozen spinach.

3:24pm Steaming broccoli too.

3:40pm Snacking on pistachios whilst waiting for the steamer.

6:30pm Mum cooked fried haddock and tomato curry today.

6:31pm Pizza night! Pizza dough + garlic oil + spinach + broccoli.

6:48pm With ricotta, mozzarella and seasonings.

7:12pm Baked! I used this recipe and have a similar recipe here.

7:13pm The fries are baked. I seasoned them with garlic olive oil and Old Bay seasoning.

Wednesday 8 July 6:53pm Today was such a grey dull day and I spent most of it chained to the desk.

7:37pm I had tom yum instant ramen for dinner to which I added potato, broccoli, green beans, sesame seeds and veggie oyster sauce. 

Thursday 9 July 3:53pm Chopped up all the random vegetables that needed using up. I steamed them as side with tonight's main - lasagne!

4:01pm I had spinach that needed using up so threw it into the keema for the lasagne.

4:21pm Wilted and cooked down!

4:26pm Spicy lamb keema with spinach.

4:26pm Lasagne sheets.

4:28pm Mashed potatoes - inspired by Rooji.

4:30pm White sauce.

4:34pm Topped with cheese.

6:29pm One online class and a stint in the oven later, the lasagne is ready. Perfect for a grey day like today.

Friday 10 July 3:43pm Baking more giant cookies today as a treat for myself after a lot of work this week. 😰

3:59pm Labelled the bowls so I knew what each one was.

4:07pm Oatmeal raisin. My standard recipe is here.

4:09pm Brown sugar chocolate chunk - my standard recipe is here.

4:55pm Brown sugar chocolate chunk with sea salt. It's shocking how good this cookie actually is. I used this recipe.

4:55pm Birthday cake funfetti - I used this recipe.

5:14pm Oatmeal raisin - I used this recipe.

5:15pm Love that I made one of each flavour!

5:18pm My favourite was the chocolate chunk with the birthday cake in at a close second.

Saturday 11 July 2:16pm Steamed fresh carrots, broccoli and green beans ready for dinner later.

4:26pm The deck was pulled up today ready for a change.

4:30pm My Mum can't remember what plant this is. Let's see what grows!

5:49pm Finally put up my collection of sun-catchers today.

5:49pm This one is my favourite. I got it here!

7:19pm Mum cooked achari roast chicken for dinner.

7:20pm We ate it with simple roast potatoes and the vegetables I steamed earlier.

9:06pm Beautiful skies to end the day.

Keep me in your duas please.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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