Monday 31 July 2017

July 2017: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Happy Monday!
It's the last day of July and time for my monthly favourites. This month saw me take some much-needed time off from blogging. Fear not though, I'm back shooting new recipes today and cannot wait to share them with you all very soon. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Let's dive in!

Food: lamb keema pulao with cucumber onion raita.
homemade chocolate ice cream.
cinnamon oat yoghurt bowl with maple pecans.
mexican chicken cobb salad.
spiced rose water berries + citrus honey yoghurt.
strawberry poke cake.
chilli garlic noodles.
french toast soldiers + maple syrup.
pistachio kulfi.
fish tacos with baked haddock + homemade corn tortillas + pickled red onion + sriracha mayo + lettuce + lime wedges + corn relish.
baked potato, pepper, onion and egg hash.
pakistani mangoes + english strawberries.
malaysian red-cooked chicken with fried red onions.
really sweet fresh pineapple chunks.
leek, pea and cheddar spring rolls.
fresh fenugreek pakoras.
beef cheeseburgers.
courgette grilled cheese sandwich.
southern fried fish + chips + tartare sauce + ketchup + quick pickled carrots and purple cabbage.
strawberry shortcakes.
lebanese mountain bread.
oven-roasted chicken shawarma + lebanese mountain bread + tahini yoghurt sauce + pickled cabbage and carrot + pickled chillies + cucumber.
blueberry muffins.
south indian style chicken stew.
sweet and sour rice.
salted caramel sauce.
homemade vanilla bean ice cream.
hummus topped with salad + toasted pitta + cherry peppers stuffed with ricotta.
chinese chicken salad + prawn crackers.
spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce.
pan-fried sea bass + tomato spaghetti.
baked camembert + herb fougasse + cherry peppers stuffed with ricotta + pickled cabbage and carrot + pickled chillies + cucumber + dates + tangerines + sweetcorn.
sprinkles cake.
lemongrass beef mince + carrot basil salad + steamed rice.
panzanella with grilled peppers, onions and bread.
balsamic chicken salad with grilled peaches + cherry tomatoes + fresh mozzarella + toasted seeds. 
the leftovers from the salad above on a pizza.
salted honey pie.
fried onion chicken curry + boiled rice.
cheddar + branston pickle tart.

Favourites: snacking on the sweetest mango and orange.
putting peas and keema into ...
... my pulao.
all the chill sauce on my soup, please.
salad ingredients.
indoor grilling.
those yolks, though.
my fave cake batter.
friday morning french toast.
new ice cream machine! I got it here!
first time making and eating corn tortillas.
not bad!
the prettiest colours.
my first time cooking with lemongrass.
best thing I cooked this month.
time to prep my leeks.
making use of fresh fenugreek. it gets limp so fast!
fresh green chutney! I prefer mine without any ginger.
let's roll!
salad for dinner.
third time lucky.
guys, put courgettes into your grilled cheese. it's my new favourite.
friday night southern fried fish.
puffy flatbread.
sunday baking.
baby feet.
sunshine food.
putting all the flavour into my olive oil.
baklava - for research purposes.
first time cooking and eating sea bass!
relaxed saturday lunch.
first time baking a sprinkles cake.
grilling bread.
and, peaches!
the peaches made it into my salad.
leftover salad was made into a pizza.

busy bee.
saturday night tart baking.

Keep me in your duas, please!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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