Wednesday 31 May 2017

May 2017: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It's Ramadan day five!
I hope your Ramadan is going well.
We've just about gotten into the routine and are trying to make the most of every moment in this blessed month. Speaking of months, it's the last day of May and boy, has it been a busy one round here.

Here are my highlights:

 Food: vanilla butter cake with chocolate fudge icing, raspberries and sprinkles.
dan dan chicken noodles with homemade chilli oil.
dan dan chicken noodles with homemade noodles.
frozen hot chocolate.
rhubarb, raspberry and strawberry syrup.
peach shortbread bars.
penne with fresh tomato sauce.
my banh mi sandwich station - sambal oelek chicken + pickled carrot, cucumber and green chilli + sour sriracha mayo + toasted baguette.
my chicken gumbo + baguette.
mini pakistani lamb samosas + green yoghurt chutney.
peach pineapple agua fresca.
strawberry lemonade.
grilled salmon with lime butter + steamed potatoes with lime butter + steamed asparagus with Chinese chilli oi.
strawberry frozen yoghurt with shortbread.
 smoothie bowl with strawberries + blueberries + banana + milk + honey + granola.
mini potato chive pancakes.
frozen hot chocolate.
fresh methi pakoras + green chutney.
buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup.
turkish spiced chicken with flatbreads and green relish.
nutella chocolate chip cookie pie.
lamb seekh kebabs + garlic naan.
whipped nutella buttercream cupcakes.
courgette kofta curry + garlic naan.
chicken malai tikka + chips + mint sauce salad with lemon and green chillies.
leek, pea and cheddar spring rolls.
fish kofta curry.
 tandoori chicken and vegetable filling for ...
.... crispy spring rolls.

sea salt chocolate chunk cookies.
kung pao chicken.
scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and chaat masala + parathas.
sour cream vanilla glazed doughnuts.
tomato tart with cheddar, basil and garlic.
mexican chicken cobb salad.

tangy lamb chop biryani.
tandoori chicken pizza rolls.
gulab jamuns.
xi'an cumin lamb burgers.
pakistani lamb samosas.
strawberry lemonade frozen into lollies.
chicken pittas with spicy garlic sauce.
spicy battered fried fish.

 Favourites: chocolate fudge icing whipping up.
cake layers. I broke one of the sponges. oops.
sandwiching the vanilla butter cake layers with icing.
crumb coat.
second icing layer.
I finished the cake with fresh raspberries and sprinkles.
the top.
a slice for you!
the inside.
so, this was my first attempt at a 4-layer cake after forever and I was quite happy with how it turned out.
my first ever time making Chinese chilli oil. I was so happy with how this one turned out. it was highly flavoured with lots of whole spices and toasted sesame seeds. I've read that the Chinese treat their chilli oil like ketchup and I can see why. it is really addictive and gets better with age.
bank holiday dan dan noodles! I made my version with ginger chicken, a nutty spicy sauce, egg noodles and ground toasted Sichuan peppercorns.
blank biscuit base.
stiff meringue peaks.
always more chocolate.
softly whipped cream makes everything better.
mousse pie!
homemade noodles!
sliced up!
boiled for 2 minutes and 2 minutes only.
drained and ready to toss in a spicy sauce. these were so good, really chewy and so much better than anything from a packet.
I'm on the hunt for new drink recipes! this one cooking here was made with rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries.
chicken tikka!
noodle night.
brown butter.
fresh peaches ready to bake with.
I froze my brown butter. doesn't it look like toffee?
peaches under a brown butter shortbread blanket.
peeling fresh tomatoes by blanching them in hot water.
making a spicy marinade for chicken.
using this red chilli vinegar paste.
look at that beautiful colour!
I soaked the chicken in the marinade.
before baking then grilling to crisp it up.
lots of green chillies for my samosa filling.
ready to fill samosas.
mini ones!
peach pineapple drinks ...
... to enjoy with our samosas.
dunking the samosas in the obligatory chutney.
time for lemonade!
pretty sugared strawberries.
strawberries + lemons.
the perfect drink for a hot day.
that colour!
with lots of ice!
lime zest going into my butter.
spooned over grilled salmon.
summer lunch!
couldn't resist sneaking a taste of this strawberry frozen yoghurt.
chocolate swirls.
frozen hot chocolate!!
dolloping on the cream.
sprinkling with chocolate shavings.
one for you.
those pink flowers are my favourite in the garden at the moment. except when it's sunny and they're surrounded by the biggest bees ever!
making a green relish with my pestle and mortar.

this one was filled with green olives and fresh herbs.
another green sauce. I love the vibrant green colour!
I used up some fresh fenugreek (methi) by making pakoras.
they turned out so delicious!
my first time making flatbread on my grill pan.
such a summery meal!
baking a cookie pie.
with nutella!
spreading in all the nutella.
more chocolate, of course.
fresh flowers from the garden.
look at that layer of nutella!
heated up and served with a scoop of ice cream.
cake batter!
more nutella!
mum doing a good job with the piping.
finished with sprinkles, of course.
never thought I would ever make koftas with courgettes.
chicken skewers!
with my favourite crunchy mint sauce salad.
my coke overflowed! oops!
more koftas! this time with fish!
spring rolls filled with leek, peas and cheddar. these were so good!
ready to bake with the kids!
we made cookies!
and, dunked some of them in sprinkles.
kung pao prep!
oh my gosh, this was so good!
ingredients ready!
scrambling eggs in browned cumin garlic butter is never a bad idea.

doughnuts on the go.
if ever there was a day to make doughnuts, it would be a monday.
syrup bubbling away for gulab jamuns!
this was attempt number 3.
and, the balls were too cracked and not smooth enough.
and so, they didn't fry up properly.
gulab jamun attempt number 3.
love this pomegranate powder! it gives such good flavour to biryanis.
speaking of, here's one ready to steam.
rolling up pizza rolls.
gently bubbling gulab jamuns.
gulan jamun attempt number four.
the first mangoes!
spring onion pancakes on the night before Ramadan.
strawberries for lemonade.
burger prep.
the first mango milkshake of the year!
all the green things on our burgers.
the first Iftar.
brioche burger buns are everything.
the samosa pro.
those bubbles!
pulling out my frozen strawberry lemonade.
chicken pitta station.

Keep me in your duas please!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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