Sunday 30 April 2017

April 2017: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Happy Sunday!
And, happy last day of April!
It has been such a busy month here with a lot of food being cooked.

 Let's just dig right in!
 Food: spicy scrambled eggs + toast + baked beans.
spicy chicken potato bake + lamb shorba + Chinese chicken and fried rice + salad + yoghurt + roti.
chocolate orange scone loaf + whipped cream + jam.
pasta with creme fraiche, spring beans and lemon.
lamb pulao + samosas + spring rolls + lamb shorba + zardah.
cod and smoked haddock fishcake stuffed with cheese sauce + spring beans and peas + lemon.
spicy soy sauce grilled chicken skewers + vegetable stir-fried noodles.
smoky tandoori chicken burgers.
chocolate mousse pie + raspberries.
roast chicken + seekh kebabs with onions.
zardah sweet rice.
lamb curry.
chicken pulao.
creamy spinach garlic white pizza.
malted triple chocolate cookies.
onion chive bagel with cream cheese and cucumber.
crispy new potatoes with thyme, garlic and butter.
vanilla cupcakes with nutella whipped buttercream + sprinkles.
sun-dried tomato muhammara.
iced coffee.
bbq chicken nachos.
pav bhaji + buttery toasted white buns + lemon.
lahori chicken chargha.
carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting.
spiced fruit buns brushed with golden syrup.
black chickpea chaat with tomatoes, green chillies and white poppy seeds.
vegetarian stir-fried noodles.
mint sauce chopped salad with lemon and green chillies.
coal-smoked lamb keema + mint sauce salad + white pitta flatbreads.
viennese whirls with buttercream and raspberry jam.
lamb samosas + mint sauce salad + green yoghurt chutney.
creamy chicken malai tikka + mashed potatoes + spring greens + mangetout + tomatoes + sweetcorn.
crispy tortilla + scrambled eggs + mashed kidney beans with cumin and butter + fresh tomato salsa with spring onions, lime and green chillies.
scrambled eggs with chaat masala and black pepper.
cauliflower moong daal pakoras + green yoghurt chutney.
fish kofta curry.
rhubarb strawberry cobbler with honey butter scones + cornish ice cream.
rooh afza milkshake.
spring vegetable potstickers.
chocolate chip swirl cookies.
moroccan chicken bastilla.
coriander chilli cheese toast.
homemade gulab jamuns.
lamb chop Sindhi biryani.

mini Pakistani lamb mince samosas.

 Favourites: the first think I cooked when we got back from Umrah was ...
... breakfast!
dukkah spice from Madinah!
love that the daffodils were already out when we got back.
craving spring greens.
I tossed them with creme fraiche, lemon and hot pasta.
lovely food from my cousin!
fishcake prep.
this fishcake was huge!
grilling chicken skewers with spring onions.

stir-fry prep.
this biscuit base needed more butter.
my first time making a chocolate mousse.
I spread it over the base.
and, made a pie.

the perfect dessert for a sunny Saturday.
snipping rosemary for a pizza!
searching for fresh oregano in the garden.
I didn't find any but I picked loads of fresh chives.
all the ingredients for ...
... my favourite Spring pizza!
dark, milk and white chocolate.
for a cookie experiment.
new baby potatoes for Spring!

butter, garlic, thyme.

to make crispy potatoes!
I'm in the market for a white cupcake recipe.
this batter used egg whites, greek yoghurt and creme fraiche.
time to make nutella the star of the show.
this buttercream was mostly nutella.
whipped up really good.
to get the best consistency.
stuffing my cupcakes with a sprinkle surprise.

which ended up being very messy when I dropped one!
a little pipe of nutella buttercream.
plus more on top!
I'm the worst at piping but what these cupcakes lack in finesse, they made up for in taste.
blending up dinner!
a roasted red pepper and sundried tomato spread. so good topped with toasted cumin seeds and olive oil.
making a batch of iced coffee.
the perfect summer drink on a freezing cold day!
milk into my coffee!
buttery pav bhaji. I tried a version with aubergine but you can try one of my other favourites.
with toasted white rolls.
spring greens and peppers + steamed carrots for a roast dinner.
sunday morning carrot cake pancakes on the go.
our house has been full of flowers this month. my favourite will always be the daffodils.

making my spiced fruit buns.
once baked, they were brushed with hot golden syrup.

before being sliced in half, spread with salted butter and served with hot tea.
lamb potato curry on the go!
moong daal batter for pakoras.

we dipped pieces of cauliflower into the batter and fried to make cauliflower pakoras.
first time using black chickpeas!
to make a tamarind garlic chaat.
the prettiest tulips.
stir-fry prep.
spring greens + peppers + mangetout + carrots.
two spatulas to toss my noodles.

smoking my keema.
shortbread dough done.
really tough to pipe.
how pretty!
literally had to hide this tin so no one ate these delicious biscuits.
buttercream ready to go.
these were so good! recipe coming soon!
homemade lemonade!
crispy, bubbly, samosas. recipe coming soon!
friday afternoon lunch.
sunny saturday morning.
our tulips are in full bloom.
my mum made this chicken malai tikka which was so good!!
my cookbook of the month!
cauliflower day!
moong daal batter.
pakoras finished with homemade chaat masala.
gulab jamun experiment #1.

syrup infused with Earl Grey tea.
frying the balls.
soaking in syrup.
first time making a recipe with strawberries!
nothing says Summer like a bowl full of strawberries.
and, nothing says Spring like sliced rhubarb.
mini scones filled with lots of butter and honey.
to make my cobbler!
all the fresh green vegetables.
prepped and ready for dumplings.
two spatulas to stir-fry the veg over the highest heat until bright green.
rolling then cutting the dough made life so much easier.
frying them before letting them steam.
filled with juicy vegetables.

cookie day!

cookie dough #1.

cookie dough #2.
brought together.

studded with more chocolate.
the perfect swirl.
making a Moroccan chicken bastilla.
layers of buttered filo filled with chicken spiced with cinnamon, ginger and white pepper.
all the butter!
a sweet layer with almonds, icing sugar and orange zest.
this sweet and savoury classic is finished with cinnamon and icing sugar.
thursday night cookies.

gulab jamun attempt #2.
sugar syrup with saffron, cardamom and lemon.
slightly burnt but, oh well.
soaking the balls.

gulab jamun success.
lamb chop biryani on the go.
with potatoes and dried pomegranate.
ready to steam with butter, lemon, mint and saffron milk. this was one of the best biryanis I've ever made!
 lamb samosa filling ready to go!

for sunday night samosas!
 sunday baking!
 the machine did all the work whilst I enjoyed my smoothie --> frozen banana + frozen mango + frozen mixed berries + dates + almond milk.
 adding flour to the cake.
 and streaming in the milk!
 the biggest bowl of cake batter!
 which I managed to get everywhere.
 disaster! I decided to bake both my cakes on one shelf which wasn't big enough for both. so, one cake rose a little too much on one side and half fell apart once out of the tin.

I hope you've had a great April. Keep me in your duas please!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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