Tuesday 28 February 2017

February 2017: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Guys, it has been such a grey day here today!

Actually, it's been a pretty grey few weeks.
I can't remember the last full sunny day that we had. Anyway, I hope you're having a good Tuesday. So far, we've had snow and rain, eaten lots of pancakes and had plenty of last cuddles with that little one up there who is moving tomorrow! And, it's the last day of February! 

Here are my food and favourites:

coffee banana bread with maple syrup butter.
cauliflower fish curry.
french onion soup with coriander chilli cheese toast.
lemon meringue cake.
coffee chocolate smoothie.
avocado berry smoothie.
achari chicken bhuna + boiled rice.
banana pancakes with maple syrup.
green chilli and fresh coriander french toast.
breakfast fried rice + boiled egg.
spinach and egg bread boats.
crispy chicken baguette with cucumber pickle.
cream cheese chicken and vegetable pie.
brownies studded with cookie dough.
bombay mix with onion, green chillies and fresh coriander.
white pizza with garlic sauce and fresh herbs.
turkish chicken kebab wrap with chilli tomato sauce.
chocolate orange scone loaf.
herb fougasse.
aloo gobi soup + toasted pitta + lime.
a walnut version of these brown butter pecan pie bars.
chicken potstickers + cauliflower, mushroom and spring onion potstickers.
chicken tikka masala.
french fries pizza.
jam tarts + chocolate spread tarts.
spicy oven-fried chicken.
iced bakewell tart.
rye bread.
moroccan lamb chops + roasted potatoes with lemon and garlic + red cabbage and carrot coleslaw.
chicken cheeseburgers.
vanilla milkshake.
chicken noodles with cabbage, peppers and carrots.
chicken cheeseburgers.
tandoori chicken nuggets + fries + smiley faces.

smoothie with frozen mango + frozen raspberry + frozen banana + spinach + orange juice + lime juice.
british pancakes with lemon and sugar.
 Favourites: cubed butter ready to brown.
sprinkles everywhere!
putting coffee into my banana bread. plus, I've never baked anything in that enamel tin before and was pretty impressed by how the bread turned out. 
up on the moors.
it was so beautiful up there!
always adding a little spice to our cheese toast.
baking a lemon curd cake.
with a meringue on top!
it ended up being pretty disastrous because one of the cakes got stuck in the tin but we all agreed that it tasted lovely.

smoothie day!
this one had avocado in it!
ingredients ready to make french toast.
my first time baking eggs in the oven. I was so nervous cracking them onto the bread but they turned out pretty well.
this chicken filling was so good!
making this pie one of of our favourites.
I put frozen cookie dough into my brownie batter.
this pizza was so good! it's a white pizza which I never make often enough.
grilling chicken for Sunday lunch.
fresh herbs for my fougasse.
I made my own refried white beans for nachos.
discovered the joys of scone loaf this month. this one was filled with plenty of chocolate chunks and orange.
that bowl is actually a plant pot! the plant died and I washed it out to make the prettiest bowl for our tortilla chips.
posting my burrito rice to Instagram Stories.
the first daffodils of the year!
dumpling day!
grilling chicken tikka for our chicken tikka masala.
baked french fries!
on such a rainy day! we've had loads of those lately.
this pizza was so simple but so good!
tried overnight oats for the first time.
why are raspberries so pretty?
we like our jam seedless.
really happy with my homemade pastry.
that colour! it's completely natural!
assembling my bakewell.
we made oven-fried chicken with coleslaw. the coleslaw was really tasty but ended being very watery because I shredded the vegetables in a machine instead of slicing them by hand.
getting my tart out of its tin.
feather icing.
such a good dessert.
baking gluten-free cinnamon rolls.
with cream cheese frosting!
sunday night cheeseburgers.
chicken nugget perfection.
iced drinks because we think it's already summer.
sea salt smiley face.
dunked our chicken nuggets in Bombay mix!
 pancakes with lemon and sugar!
plus a nutella version! but there was an unpictured one with golden syrup that was the best of the lot!
a new beginning for this little one!
Keep me in your duas please, and I hope you had a wonderful February!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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