Monday 31 October 2016

October 2016: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Happy Monday!

And, it's the last day of October. This month is always one of my favourites because it's when the weather is proper autumn. I love it. This month has been filled with so many sweet treats including this beautiful floral cake that made cousin made.

Here's more from my October 2016:

Food: cream cheese chicken and vegetable pie.
gingerbread apple upside-down cake.
rosemary, thyme and oregano fougasse.

the laziest lamb pulao + green yoghurt chutney.
naked vanilla and lemon buttercream floral cake.
double chocolate brownie cookies.
sooji halwa / semolina halwa.
za'atar, lemon and sumac roast chicken + butternut squash rostis + spicy garlic sauce.
spicy roast chicken + mashed potatoes + carrots and peas.
halwa + poori + chanay.
lamb burger with homemade burger bun.
lamb lasagne.
spicy scrambled egg cheese quesadilla.
rhubarb and custard roulade.
 chicken salad pitta.

date breakfast squares.
 lemon and ginger flapjacks.
date spice muffins.
dark chocolate cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream.
aloo gobi paratha + carrot achar + chilli achar + mint yoghurt.
stuffed potato skins + carrots + peas + ketchup + chilli garlic sauce.
spicy chicken nuggets with saucy chilli garlic ginger noodles.
spicy omelette.
cherry cake with Swiss meringue buttercream + sprinkles.
masala fish with gram flour, red chilli and coriander + sweet potato fries with spicy garlic cheese sauce.
double chocolate brownie cookies.
spicy cheese and onion pie with hot water crust pastry.
baked camembert + fougasse + red onion chutney + apples + pears + clementines.
double lemon drizzle cake.
three cheese (cheddar + mozzarella + ricotta) calzone with mushrooms, peppers and courgettes.
chicken spring rolls + crinkle fries + sauces.
chicken piccata + mashed potatoes + carrots.
crispy chicken dumplings + soy chilli garlic dipping sauce.
chicken soup with chicken dumplings.
fijian lamb pulao + fijian tomato chutney.
keema with potatoes, peas and spinach.
doughnuts with nutella glaze and vanilla glaze.
spicy chicken nuggets with saucy ginger garlic noodles.

In saying these words from the Quran to Abu Bakr (ra), it is as if the Prophet (peace be upon him) was saying:

As long as Allah is with us, then why the sadness? Why the fear? Why the anxiousness? Be at peace, be firm, and be calm, for Allah is with us.

O Abu Bakr, cast off your gloom, do not be sad, and forget your worries and troubles - for Allah is with us.

O Abu Bakr, raise you head, calm your nerves, be at peace in your heart - for Allah is with us.

Favourites: baking cookies from the freezer on a Saturday morning.
pastry and filling.
my cream cheese chicken pie!
sunday baking with apples.
spiced cake batter.
I love ivy.
sunday afternoon skies.
this cake was so good! it's a gingerbread apple upside-down one!
baking herb fougasse!
cutting the leaf pattern.
ready for the oven.
baked. this was so easy to make but really impressive to look at.
the laziest lamb pulao bubbling away.
baby feet!
she was snoozing while her mum baked a cake!
two flavours happening here - vanilla + lemon.
flowers to finish!
gluten-free and delicious!
beautiful sunrise.
chicken wings ...
... and cookies for us!
but only milk for her!
adding the sugar syrup to our halwa. this was the crazy, scary stage when the halwa bubbles and spits at you. but it was worth it because everything turned out delicious.
ingredients out to make ...

a middle-eastern inspired roast chicken.
the easiest way to grate a butternut squash? use a food processor.
I made rostis with mine.
my mum's spicy roast chicken.
my first time making those chanay that we eat with poori and halwa. they were really delicious but ended up getting stuck in this pressure cooker. we just couldn't get the lid off! finally, my dad came to the rescue and put us out of our misery.
kebab sandwiches!
I made sesame burger buns!
roasting rhubarb with vanilla sugar.
sharing my lasagne on snapchat. have you added me on there yet? my username is muslimgirlbakes.
my roulade cracked.
a layer of custard cream soon sorted it out!
packing my madinah dates into breakfast bars.
putting ginger and lemon into my sticky flapjacks.
I juiced all this orange juice by hand. then I remembered that we have a small electric juicer. :(

autumn morning skies.
discovered my new favourite dark chocolate cupcake recipe.
crossed something off my baking bucket list!
swiss meringue buttercream! it was definitely not as hard as I'd first thought!
I have no idea how she slept through all the racket of us gossiping.
dairy milk ganache!!!
putting leftover aloo gobi into our friday night parathas.
made my stuffed potato skins after ages.
pink cupcakes for another new arrival.
set up to bake cookies.
so glossy!
finally updated my phone to iOS 10.
have you baked these cookies yet?
a pie for a rainy day.
making non-alcoholic apple cider!
so autumnal, right?

new favourite ice cream.

the happiest little boy, masha allah.

those feet!!

weekend wanderings.

I got this blog redesigned! read more about it here!
weekend calzone.

she always wears the cosiest clothes.
making fijian food for the first time. we all loved this tomato chutney which we ate with a fijian lamb pulao. so good!

passed out on the sofa in her diva fur coat.
friday afternoon catch-up.
 making doughnuts for sunday coffee.
 these had no yeast in them and were done in under an hour.
of course, I had to glaze them in my favourite vanilla glaze.
caught enough daylight to shoot a new noodle recipe.

Your Photos: vegetable pulao.
peanut butter + chocolate stuffed flapjacks.
my posh macaroni cheese.
easy + traditional pakistani chicken biryani.
mum's sunday spicy scrambled eggs.
spicy fish nuggets.
churros french toast with chocolate drizzle.
chicken quesadillas + fresh tomato salsa.
chicken pittas with spicy garlic sauce.
chicken kofta curry.
chinese chicken with spicy noodles.
 my grandma's kari.
double chocolate brownie cookies.

I hope you all had a wonderful October. See you in November, insha Allah!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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