Friday 30 September 2016

September 2016: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It's the last day of September!
And, I don't know about where you are but here, autumn is well and truly in the air. The leaves are slowly turning from summer green to an autumnal golden and I had to wear a coat today. Yep, an actual coat. 

Here's my September:

Food: apple mosaic tart with salted caramel.
 apple crumble pie.
sweet mitai for a new baby.
three ingredient summertime salsa.
cod and clementine curry + boiled rice.
viennese whirls.
onion, fresh coriander and green chilli omelette + toast + ketchup.
 chicken fajitas.
chicken fajitas nachos.
 tomato cheddar pesto tart with everything spice.
apple blackberry crumble pie. (pre-bake)
lamb and turnip curry.

eight-strand white bread plait loaf.

pakistani chicken samosas + green yoghurt chutney.
chocolate poke cake.
 chana chaat.
lamb biryani.
 chicken parmo.
veggie pizza.
 tomato onion salad.
roasted potato coins.
peri peri chicken.
chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies.
homemade yorkshire puddings.
churros french toast.
potato pancakes + fried egg + ketchup.
cheesy broccoli pasta bake with cherry tomatoes.
lemon raspberry loaf + cornish ice cream.
tomato oregano pie.
pakistani chicken samosas + crinkle chips.
toasted scrambled egg + spicy bean wrap.
one-pot burrito chicken and rice + tortilla chips + sour cream chive dip + tomato salsa.
spicy mushroom omelette + toast + ketchup.
naan khatai biscuits.
butterscotch pudding.
chicken and potato shorba + boiled rice.
lamb keema pizza with cherry tomatoes and corn.
apple cake.
crinkle chips.
chicken cheeseburger.
chicken kebab + mashed potatoes + sweetcorn.
mum's boneless chicken curry.
penne with cajun chicken.
strawberry cheesecake fool.
pakistani chicken samosas + crinkle chips + ketchup.
lemon bars.

 Favourites: baking the easiest apple tart.
before finishing it off with salted caramel.

crispy, buttery, tart, sweet, salty.
 first apple pie of the season.
gluten-free shortcrust pastry. 
green apples tossed with cloves, cinnamon and vanilla.
 topped with a brown sugar almond crumble.
 the next morning.
 so happy with this pie.
 custard or ice cream?

slicing up clementine peel.
 for a bengali cod curry.
really tasty.

grilling my tomatoes for salsa.

rainy saturday afternoon baking.
 making raspberry jam.
 time for the jam!
 the buttercream.
sunday morning omelette.
was craving fajitas so I made them.
 does it look like a painting? :)
 pesto on puff.
 plenty of melted cheddar.
 so good!
baking a crumble pie.
with apples and blackberries.
 she gets to sleep in all day.
 trying my hand at a plaited loaf for bread week.
 it was the hardest thing.
 in the end, we made it up.
think it turned out alright.
making the Eid samosas.
rolling balls for the Eid rasmalai.
watching the live Hajj coverage while we cook.
spreading all the good things onto the Eid cake.
 putting the finishing touches to the Eid biryani.
the night before Eid-ul-Adha.
 sunrise on Eid morning.
 watching the live Hajj coverage. so many memories!
Eid lunch!

cuddles with our new favourite.

sunflowers for Eid.
queen bee.
chocolate time!
for cookie time!
such a good dinner.
first time making yorkshires.
I love sunflowers.
puffed up puddings.

could she be any cozier?
photo-bombing lilies.
saturday evening up on the hills.
in love with those reflections.
coming home to a tomato pie.
I see autumn.
obsessed with cinnamon sugar.
especially when I dunk my french toast in it.
blooming Eid roses.
one-pot wonder.
baking a Pakistani classic.
more one-pot wonders.
our favourite pudding.
time to pick apples in the garden!
apple basket!
homemade raspberry jam for my bakewell.
saturday morning sunrise.
finishing off the bakewell.
it took me three days but it was well worth the wait.
sunday skies.
baking with apples.
I made an apple cake.
and, mum made a pizza.
double rainbow!

this outfit is my favourite!
it always rains when we make burgers.

recipe coming super soon!
love the birds at sunrise.
the last of the summer strawberries.
I made them into a cheesecake fool!
she knows exactly what to do on a rainy friday afternoon!

Your Photos: pea pulao.
spicy fish pakoras.
chicken and spinach curry.
butter chicken 2016.
gluten-free quadruple chocolate brownies.
eggless chocolate cake.
coconut + cardamom biscuits.
banana chocolate chip muffins.
cheesy broccoli soup.
chicken pulao.
penne with cajun chicken.

I hope you all had the best September. May Allah make October a blessed month for us all - ameen!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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