Wednesday 27 July 2016

Spicy French Toast.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

On Friday, we talked the prettiest breakfast but today we discuss the easiest!

When I was younger, I used to think that French toast was this really hard thing to make. It sounded so fancy and involved a lot of whisking and dipping.

French toast has always been my Mother's thing. I only began enjoying it recently and prefer the spicy over the sweet.

This recipe is made using the Mother's method and it could not be easier. Think of French toast as a vehicle for flavour. Mum keeps it simple with salt, pepper and red chilli but you could use any spice you like. I think next time, I may go with a little dried oregano and maybe even a grating of a super-mature Cheddar?

I hope you enjoy this spicy French toast as much as we did. It makes a wonderful breakfast but also a quick lunch or dinner. We enjoyed it with some of our favourites - baked beans, iced coffee and the sweetest summer fruit.

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A Simple List of Ingredients:
1. Eggs
2. Milk
3. Black Pepper
4. Salt
5. Bread
6. Butter
7. Crushed Red Chilli Flakes

Bismillah, let's begin!

To whisk everything together, I like to use a deep, wide dish. This will make it easier when we dip the bread later on.

This recipe could not be easier and begins with 4 large Eggs.

Crack them into a separate bowl.

And, pour them into the dish.

Once the eggs are in ...

... it's time for the milk!

Take 200 ml Milk ...

... and pour it in!

At this point, you can add any seasonings and spices you like.

I kept things simple with salt and black pepper. Later on, I'll be sprinkling chilli over the toast itself when it's cooking.

In goes, 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper.

Plus 1/2 teaspoon Salt.

Then, grab a whisk.

Beat everything together ....

... until everything is well combined.

Like so!

Before soaking the bread, I like to heat up my pan so that it's hot and ready to go. So, take a frying pan or large griddle pan and place over a medium heat. Add a little Butter and let it melt.

Then, take 6 slices of Bread.

In batches, place them into the egg mixture.

Let them sit on one side for a few seconds.

Before carefully flipping them over!

Another few seconds and we are ready to cook! You don't want your bread to soak too long as it can get quite soggy. However, if your slices are thicker, feel free to let them soak longer.

To cook, use a spatula to slide the bread on to the hot pan.

Let them cook over a medium heat until the bottom is golden.

About a minute or two!

Then, grab your spatula.

And, flip!

Cook until the second side is also golden.

Next, the spice. You can use any spice you like - maybe a little curry powder or paprika? I used crushed red chilli flakes.

Sprinkle on Crushed Red Chilli Flakes, to taste.

This step is completely optional so feel free to skip, if you prefer.

To toast the spices ...

... flip the toast over.

Cook for another minute before removing from the pan.

Continue dipping and cooking the rest of the toast.

If the liquid has all been soaked up, top it up with a little more milk.

Once the toasts are all cooked, serve!

I served mine with baked beans.

To drink, we had iced coffee. I've been testing out a few different ways of making it at home - this one could be a winner!

Finally, fruit to finish. We went with cherries, melon, watermelon and nectarines.

Breakfast / lazy lunch / easy dinner is served!

Full Written Recipe:

Spicy French Toast.

Prep Time: About 10 minutes.
Cook Time: About 10 minutes.
Serves: Makes 6 slices of French toast.

4 large Eggs
200 ml Milk
½ teaspoon Black Pepper
½ teaspoon Salt
6 slices Bread
Butter, to fry
Crushed Red Chilli Flakes, to taste


To make the French toast, take a deep, wide dish. Add the eggs, milk, pepper and salt. Whisk until well combined.

To cook the French toast, heat a frying pan over a medium heat. Add a little butter and let it melt. Next, dip each slice of bread on both sides in the egg mixture. Do not keep the bread too long in the egg mixture – a few seconds at most.
Place the dipped bread on to the hot pan. Cook for a minute then flip. Cook for a further minute and flip again. Sprinkle on the chilli flakes and flip again. A few more seconds to toast up the chilli flakes, and remove the bread from the pan.
Continue cooking the French toast.

Serve! Enjoy with your favourite breakfast things. For me, baked beans, fresh fruit and iced coffee! 

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Keep me in your duas please, and enjoy your French toast,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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