Sunday 31 July 2016

July 2016: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It's the last day of July!

It's been such a beautiful month in these parts with Eid and plenty of sunny days. Also, an interview that I did before Ramadan was published this month. Go see it here. Hope you guys had the best July!

Food: homemade fish and chips + curry sauce + spicy fish nuggets + lemon + ketchup + vinegar + mushy peas.
 chip shop curry sauce.
masala omelette + toast.
seviyan + coffee! on Eid morning!
marshmallow pavlova.
spring rolls.
my Aunt's smoky tandoori chicken.
Mum's lamb curry + chicken shami kebebs + chicken nuggets + wholemeal pitta.
peri peri chicken pizza.
 cucumber sandwiches + devon scones.
saag on buttered roti.
buttered scones with wild strawberry jam + coffee.
corn bean nachos + sour cream chive dip.
 fridge fritters + tomato salsa + melon.
chicken karahi + rice + cucumber raita.
 tuna sweetcorn rice thins + cucumber + crackers with cheddar and pickle + mango.
zinger fried chicken + sauces + salad.
 frozen peanut butter + chocolate smoothie.
5-spice veggie chicken fried rice.
peanut butter + chocolate stuffed flapjacks.
chicken kebab sandwich.
 fattoush salad.
 eaten with chicken kebabs.
baby potatoes with butter, garlic and thyme.
 spicy fresh coriander omelette + crispy new potatoes.
 soy chilli garlic roast chicken + spicy stuffed roast chicken.
soy spring onion noodles.
 orange pound cake with a fresh orange glaze.
 asparagus pea pasta.
orange pound cake + chocolate custard.
 strawberry split.
 veggie pitta pizza + mango.
corn coriander creole chicken + mashed cumin kidney beans + lime tomatoes + coriander jalapeno sauce + tortillas.
watermelon + melon + nectarine + banana + plum + cherry.
strawberry lemonade.
 iced coffee.
melon + watermelon + nectarine + cherry.
chicken tikka veggie skewer + homegrown crispy potatoes.
peach shortbread bars.
mum's veggie quiche.
chickpea pulao.
strawberry cake.
chicken cheeseburger.
tandoori chicken nachos + cheddar sauce.
 strawberries + chocolate + digestive biscuit crumbs.
baked tandoori fish + roasted paprika sweet potato fries + roasted pepper + grilled corn + lemon.
 my grandma's potato pancakes + omelette + beans.
chipotle chicken quesadillas + coriander avocado sauce.

 Favourites: making homemade mushy peas ...
... for fish and chips!
 this splatter guard is literally my new best friend!
here it was in action whilst cooking oregano lemon chicken.
 ingredients out to bake my veggie pasta bake.
 I spiced it up with spring onions, jalapeno and garlic.
methai for Eid!
 preparations for Eid-al-Fitr!
 and in our house, Eid would not be Eid without a large pan of seviyan.
 chicken cooking for shami kebabs.
 and a meringue on the go!
 you cannot beat a good meringue peak!
 the last Ramadan sunset.
 and the last Iftar, of the which the star was these deep-fried chips!
 plenty of sticky marshmallow fluff on ...
 .... Eid!
she wanted to show me her mendhi.
drank way too much Irn Bru on Eid.
bubbly wholemeal pitta.
 pizza dough.
 I'm obsessed with these!
 smoky chicken.
for pizza night!
 cutting scones!
 filling them with lemon curd, whipped cream ...
 ... and strawberries!
Mum made the ultimate family favourite - saag!
I put corn and black eyed beans onto my nachos and didn't hate it.

fried chicken on a Tuesday evening.
 the tiniest yellow flowers.

spending time in the garden ...
 ... picking mock orange flowers.
they have the most beautiful scent.
 cinnamon + coriander + clove + peppercorn + black cardamom + green cardamom + cumin.
creole + zaatar + chinese 5 spice + white pepper + dried fenugreek + cinnamon + panch puran.
cooking in-season new potatoes in brown butter, thyme and garlic.
 the flowers in our garden have been the prettiest this year.
 love this wild poppy.
 spot the bee!
sunny Sunday afternoon.
 leek + onion + celery + carrot + pepper + squash + courgette.
 cooked down.
to make the best veggie tomato sauce.
 the hottest Tuesday.
 we ate way too many ice lollies.
 and kept gawping at the temperature.
grilling corn.
for creole chicken and taco night!
when life gives you lemons ...
 .... make homemade lemonade.

then, realise you can add strawberries to it for the prettiest pink lemonade!
 the sweetest fruit platter!
 those melon balls were by far the best thing on there!
 toasting pitta!
 ready to dunk into a smoky aubergine dip.
 so many new flowers in the garden this year.
 these clever ones close at night!
 harvesting our potatoes!
 potato haul!
 strawberry lemonade on a hot Friday afternoon.
making breakfast for lunch.
 not a bad view either!
spicing up French toast!
 brunch at 4pm.

 I've been trying to crack the perfect iced coffee. think this one might be it!
 homegrown potatoes!
ready for chicken tikka night!
 putting fresh peaches into my shortbread.
so good with a homemade iced coffee.
our garden is in full bloom!
under the apple tree!
 cooking a chickpea pulao!
 posting this on Instagram whilst the onions brown.
lunch time!
 I bought all the strawberries.
And, this cheese!
 putting the strawberries to good use.
 finally got my hands on this halal vanilla extract.
 it was really good in this cake batter.
 which I topped with strawberries.
which I baked on a cloudy Tuesday!
 spot the flower!
forever marinading things.
before cooking and snacking on them!
 basically cheese.
 spot the white butterfly!
the best hand model!
 dunking strawberries in chocolate and biscuit crumbs and calling it dessert.
summer essential.
ready to make quesadillas.

Your Photos: sea salt chocolate chunk cookies.
green masala minced chicken.
 cheddar and caramelised onion flan.
 really soft naan bread.
 corn + bean nachos that I showed you guys how to make on snapchat!
 vegetable pakoras.
 cheddar and caramelised onion flan.
 cheesy chicken paratha quesadillas.
eid berry trifle.
cinnamon oat pancakes with raspberry honey sauce.
keema pie.
giant chocolate chip cookie.
our house pakistani chicken curry.
chicken kofta curry.
mocha marble cake with coffee buttercream.
chicken plait with cheese pastry.

May Allah keep us all happy, healthy and in the best of faith during August - ameen!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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