Sunday 19 June 2016

Sunday Cravings: Churros!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This weekend, I have been craving churros. 

But before we get on to them in all their cinnamon sugar coated glory, tell me. How is your Ramadan going? We have now reached the middle of this blessed month and it's the time when usually our energy levels begin to get a little lower. The fasts seem longer and the prayers seem harder. Anyone feel that way?

If you are experiencing a lull in Ramadan enthusiasm, let me remind of the famous Hadith where the Prophet (peace be upon him) describes five things that were given to his Ummah for Ramadan. One of them is that every day Allah prepares and decorates a special garden in Paradise and then says to it: "The time is near when faithful servants shall cast aside the great trials of the world and come to you"

Subhanallah, such comforting words. We all have problems and difficulties in this life. In fact, sometimes they seem never-ending. What a comforting thought it is then, to think about Allah, the Almighty, preparing a garden in Paradise for us the like of which no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard of and no heart has even thought about.

 I hope this thought will help get you through some of the toughest days of this blessed month. 

Because let's face it, we're human. There will be days when we don't feel like fasting and nights where we can't be bothered to pray. It's about how you deal with yourself in those difficult times that will determine your rank in front of Allah. May Allah make everything easy for us - ameen.
 Now, back to churros. Something else that I had been praying to Allah to make easy for me. For two reasons. First, churros are made with choux pastry which is one of my baking annoyances. I just never seem to get it right.
 Secondly, churros are infamous in my family as being the sole reason for the scar on my cousins arm. Yep, a few Ramadans ago, she burnt her arm making these golden, crispy nuggets of cinnamon sugar joy. Her sister still loves to remind of her that night when the oil was too hot and a trip to A & E was called for. Good times! So, yes. We have a history with churros but that didn't stop me from giving them another go last night at Iftar. They were amazing - I need to give the recipe a few tweaks before it's blogworthy but so far so good. Dipped in a warm chocolate sauce - they were the perfect weekend treat.

Here are 6 churros recipes that have caught my eye:

churros with warm chocolate sauce - get the full recipe here!

vanilla cinnamon sugar churro waffle doughnuts - get the full recipe here!

churro cupcakes - get the full recipe here!

 churros with salty peanut sugar - get the full recipe here!

churro french toast - get the full recipe here!

churros - get the full recipe here!

Keep me in your duas please, and have a blessed week,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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