Thursday 30 June 2016

June 2016: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It's the last day of June!
Hope you've had a good month. It has been all about the Ramadan routine here - awake all night with sleep happening during the day. I love a summer Ramadan. Yes, the fasts are incredibly long but it's amazing what your body can adjust to. We've been enjoying plenty of delicious food at Iftar and been indulging in all our seasonal favourites - including strawberries and cream! Follow me in snapchat for plenty of updates - username is muslimgirlbakes.

The garden has been bursting with all the beautiful flowers and even the lawn managed to sort itself out much to my father's delight. Also this month, I was super happy to have been featured in this article. A big thank you and jazakallah khair to you all for your support. Here's to a blessed end to the month of Ramadan and then, Eid!

 Food: porridge + brown sugar top.
kebab sandwich - bread + mayo + hot lamb seekh kebab + sliced tomato.
egg mayo sandwich. 
citrus smoothie bowl + date granola.
 shaved asparagus pizza.
roasted veggie dosas + fresh mint yoghurt.
chicken pea curry.
potato pancakes + spicy pickles + spicy scrambled eggs.
cold slices of watermelon.
fresh fruit salad.
nutella + cookie butter + toast + coffee.
spicy cheddar chicken + tomato pasta.
scrambled eggs on toast.
nutella spring rolls.
chocolate cream berry cake. 
peri peri chicken pizza.
strawberry summer cake.
potato pakoras.
onion rings.
jalebis + gulab jamuns.
churros + chocolate sauce.
 green sauce.
 frozen banana cream.
orange vanilla fruit salad.
smoky chicken tikka with kachumber salad + green sauce + wholemeal pitta.
late night snacksicles.
onion rings.
chicken tikka nachos + cheddar sauce.
smoky roasted potatoes, courgettes, peppers and onion.
strawberries and cream poke cake.
 ridiculously good butter chicken.
 chickpea pulao.
 cumin cinnamon lamb flatbread with yoghurt + herbs.
super crispy roast potatoes.

Favourites: beautiful flowers in bloom in the garden.

completely loving all these products sent to me by the guys at beloved dates.
 especially this granola which is the best on a smoothie bowl.
 this spoon!
visiting the geese!
cutters are from Salaam Designs!
sunny days!
keeping dinner in-season with asparagus.
I shaved it.
and, put it on to a pizza.
summer days.
roasting potatoes + carrots + sweet potatoes.
spicing them up.
making dosas on my crepe pan.
a lovely vegetarian Saturday lunch with minty yoghurt.
the first mangoes!
the kids showing off their Ramadan paintings.
the first Iftar!
creamy mango milkshake. nothing can beat a glass of this after a long day fasting.
getting ready to roll up a batch of chicken vegetable spring rolls.
piling my chocolate cream cake high with strawberries and cherries.
pulling a creamy chicken pie out of the oven!
making keema ..
.... for a biryani.
about to make a peri peri chicken pizza!
ingredients ready to shoot paratha quesadillas.
it's strawberry season!
vanilla cake batter.
with strawberries on top!
slicing up all the red chillies ...
... to put into cardamom chicken skewers.
we ate them with buttery naan - so good!
making gluten-free ...
I've seriously lost count of how many ...
... jugs of mango milkshakes we've made this month!
a giant bowl of orange pound cake batter!
the orange cake was the star in our trifle!
making one of my favourites.
about to blitz up a strawberry milkshake.
churros for dessert!
the best rolled in cinnamon sugar and dipped in chocolate sauce.
the usual in Ramadan.
stirring up a smoky paprika lemon marinade for chicken.
cooking an orange vanilla syrup for a fruit salad.
and slicing up all the fruit!
stirring up a basil feta yoghurt with fresh herbs from the garden.
grilling chicken!
smoking chicken! I used this recipe!
putting sprinkles into my cake batter ice lollies.
and chocolate into my coconut milk ones!
lollies ready to enjoy!
making the most of strawberry season ...
... with an ice cream cheesecake pie.
nacho station!
so good finished with a cheddar sauce.
putting zoodles onto my pizza.
roasting vegetables.
my favourite flowers.
also, love these daisies.
and drowned in ganache.
white cake batter.
it took me an embarrassingly long time to put the strawberries on!
using up leftovers.
sunrise on the last day of June.

 Your Photos: battered fish burgers.

I absolutely love seeing your pictures of my recipes - keep sending them to me!

I hope you've had a wonderful June. Keep me in your duas please,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

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