Saturday 30 April 2016

April 2016: Food + Favourites!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I hope you guys have had a wonderful April. mine has been all over the place with all the new things in life - car and phone included! also, we've had blazing heatwaves and deep snow. all in a month's work! so many photos to share - let's begin!

{side note: the question I get asked the most on snapchat (muslimgirlbakes) is which nasheeds I am listening to. at the moment, my favourites are this onethis one and this one.}

 Food: a steaming bowl of cream roasted swede soup.
creamy cheese and onion pasties + steamed cabbage, carrots and peas tossed with parsley garlic butter + ketchup.

Welsh cakes + honey butter.
veggie fritters + all the sauces.
chicken rarebits with melted leeks. this was so good you guys. not many ingredients but such good flavour!
we ate it with steamed baby potatoes + kale + mangetout tossed with garlic parsley butter.

cheese + tomato sandwich. such a classic and the simplest Sunday lunch.
Bakewell almond croissant + banana apple thickie with cinnamon + strawberries.

pav bhaji + bread rolls + coriander butter + lime + purple onion rings.
roasted strawberries + shortbread crumbles + Cornish ice cream.
pan-fried lemon chicken + bhaji + steamed kale and mangetout.
1/2 egg mayo sandwich roll + 1/2 jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwich + cucumber + cherry tomato.
roasted strawberry cheesecake + sprinkles.
keema with potatoes and peas + cheese toast + ketchup. ridiculously good.
Quark macaroni cheese with cherry tomatoes. my first time using Quark - it was nice but with a tangier flavour!
vegan coconut pancakes with Nutella + maple syrup + golden syrup. these were so good and a nice change from the usual pancakes made with eggs, milk and butter.
chicken kebabs + tomato salsa + guacamole + sea salt lime tortilla chips. <-- kind of addicted to these.
pineapple curd pavlova with coconut whipped cream, cherries and lime.
giant chicken potsticker dumpling inspired by this. love that Instagram page!
veggie spring rolls + fish fingers + golden chips.
potato, pea and boiled egg shorba + rice.

peanut butter + chocolate stuffed flapjacks.
jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwiches. have you made them yet?

chicken tikka curry + rice for when only chicken and rice will do!
chicken tikka curry + really soft naan bread + green yoghurt chutney + cherry tomatoes + cucumber.
peanut butter chocolate banana smoothie bowl.
spicy Korean BBQ chicken pizza. the best slice right there!
Mum's spicy scrambled eggs. the quickest dinner!
cinnamon currant bread + maple syrup butter + coffee. I was so happy to find a loaf of this homemade bread in the freezer!

yoghurt vanilla cheesecake bowls + caramelized brown sugar oranges + berry muesli. 
chicken tikka tomato cheese basil pizza rolls.
had to include two pictures of these beauties because seriously, look at them!! I used tomato passata, chicken tikka, Cheddar, Mozzarella, dried herbs, fresh basil and this dough.
orange vanilla French toast made with cinnamon swirl bread + maple syrup.
orange vanilla French toast made with cinnamon swirl bread + strawberries sweetened with sugar + peanut butter crumble.
juicy tomato salsa + sea salt lime tortilla chips for the weekend!
brown butter cherry banana bread + peanut butter crumble.
spicy lamb + flaky parathas + salad + minty yoghurt.

creamy tomato pasta. this made the simplest weekday lunch.
our house Pakistani chicken curry + okra curry + buttered roti.
sweet post-dinner treats baked fresh from the freezer: brown butter chocolate chip cookies + Nutella hazelnut chocolate chip cookies.
my Swedish meatballs + mashed potatoes + steamed cabbage and peas.
Cornish ice cream + waffle cone + Flake chocolate. 
lemon posset + shortbread fingers + raspberries. have you made them yet?

herb cheesy flatbreads made with these tortillas + Cheddar + rocket + coriander + dried oregano + sumac + Za'tar. 
double chocolate chip swirl cookies.
gluten-free spring rolls filled with chicken and vegetables. my cousin made them and used these wrappers.
Thursday fruit bowl - apple + banana + orange + date + raspberry.
my Swedish meatballs + German noodles.
herb cheese quesadillas with crispy chicken salami.
potato pancake + scrambled egg + chilli pickle.
 cheesy BBQ chicken tikka skewers.
 this is what happens when I am left in charge of the drumstick - under the burnt bits, they were pretty tasty. BBQ chicken drumsticks marinaded in this sauce.
 grilled peppers + courgettes + onions.
potato salad.

rhubarb berry cobbler.
rhubarb berry cobbler with honey butter biscuits + fresh strawberries + honey butter + Cornish ice cream.
 lamb pulao with peas - made with leftover lamb curry.
smoky lamb seekh kebabs + takeaway style chutney - left on our doorstep by a family friend who used to run his own takeaway! he knows his stuff!
 omelette muffin.

citrus smoothie bowl.

 spicy chicken sandwiches.
cinnamon oat pancakes + honey raspberry sauce.
one-pot veggie pasta

flourless peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies.
my Aunt's roasted baby chicken + oven chips.
rhubarb crisp bars. these were one of those surprise hits - everyone loved them!
potato paratha + spicy omelette + potato aubergine curry + mango pickle. made by my cousin and so good even though it set off a smoke alarm or two!
chicken veggie Manchurian.

cinnamon rolls, pre-glaze.
cinnamon rolls, post-glaze!
nachos! sea salt lime tortilla chips + juicy tomato salsa + grated cheese + dried oregano + cherry tomatoes + fresh coriander + lime wedges.
lamb curry + oven chips + peppers and onions.


Favourites: gloomy Saturday morning making Welsh cakes.

I had never tried these before.

they were very similar to scones except cooked on a griddle instead of baked.

the best fridge clear-out at Saturday lunch --> dump all the veggies in a food processor and grate.

add seasoning and ingredients to bind - fry!

to make veggie fridge fritters with all the sauces!
our latest plant/flower haul! guess which ones I bought?
yep! white chrysanthemums which had been sprayed with the best neon colours!
my Mother was not impressed and called them unnatural! but I loved them!

daffodils still blooming!
a Sunday spent driving up to the hills!
it was so beautiful up there - the sky was huge!
Monday morning croissants!
testing out this recipe. have you tried them yet?

catching the sunrise.
the sunrise of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. it will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.
buttery cumin seeds can only mean good things. in this case, this goodness!

roasting strawberries for ice cream!

planes heading in to land at the airport.

love these longer days when I can spot plenty of planes in the sky. those who know me, know I love aeroplanes.

the roasted strawberries turned into cheesecake!

spreading strawberry jam and almond frangipane onto buttery croissants.

to bake these guys!

best eaten with green smoothies and a  vase of blooming daffodils.
obsessed with these seedy lime sea salt tortilla chips.
all the green for guacamole.
Saturday morning meringue baking. I used this recipe for the meringue itself.
dumplings and pavlovas for the weekend.

alhamdulillah, I hit 10,000 followers on Instagram this month. is it weird that the 9999 made me more happier?!
the simplest Sunday night - potato, pea and boiled egg shorba.
bubbling buttery brown sugar.

combined with oats, chocolate and peanut butter to make my new favourite flapjacks.
making jalapeno cream cheese ...
... for this guy! have you made them yet?
the most beautiful dough.
slicing into this pizza!
maple syrup butter melting into a slice of cinnamon currant bread.
making pizza rolls!
rolled up.
and, baked to perfection!

flowers beginning to blossom!
soaking orange vanilla French toast on a Saturday morning.

addicted to homemade salsa with tortilla chips!
first time making peanut butter crumble! 
good things about to happen starting with brown butter.
baking a banana bread!
Mum insisted I add cherries.
we created a monster!!

the brightest Sunday blue sky.

Monday sunrise.

cooking this chicken curry!
have you cooked it yet?

the most peaceful Tuesday morning sunrise, subhanallah.

making lemon possets!

shortbread thief!
have you made the possets yet?
making the chocolatiest cookie dough.

spot the moon!

shooting cold lemon possets on a really hot day.

get the full recipe here!
making cookies!
sharing it on Snapchat! I've been snapchatting loads lately - follow me! my username is muslimgirlbakes.

swirled cookies.

my favourite flowers are growing in my Aunt's garden.
been loving these crisps this month.
Friday morning!
ingredients to make a strawberry cheesecake milkshake.
literally a cheesecake in a glass. I adapted this recipe.

Saturday morning and we decided to have a barbecue!

doing the most important thing first.
making dessert!
rhubarb and berries were tossed with sugar and other goodness.
before a honey butter scone dough was made to top them with.
meanwhile ...
... the barbecue was in full flow!

finished with a cobbler for pudding!
photo-bombing tulip.
those same tulips being all pretty.
blitzing up smoothie bowls.

April hail.
grinding oats to make oat flour.
for oat pancakes!
with the brightest sauce.
one-pot pasta is my new favourite!

seriously guys, it's the easiest thing ever.

baking gluten-free.

with a tonne of peanut butter!

doing good things with toor daal.

Mum making sure all that fragrant tarka gets into said daal.

using up a few stalks of rhubarb in oat bars.

snapchatting the process! my username is muslimgirlbakes.

Thursday manchurian.

the best for a dinner filled with thunder and hailstones.
Friday morning snowfall.
give the legend that invented this a medal!
working with all the good things in life.

stock up on those tortilla chips - this goodness is coming your way soon!
baking one of my all-time favourites.
I used this recipe but without the Nutella.


Your Photos: baked tandoori chicken legs - cooked by one of you on Snapchat.
chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting - baked by one of you on Snapchat.

lemon posset - made by my cousin!

potato and ginger shorba - cooked by one of you on Snapchat.

a one-pot pasta that I cooked on Snapchat - cooked by one you of on Snapchat!

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I hope you guys are all well and happy. Have a wonderful month of May! Keep me in your duas please,


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