Sunday 10 January 2016

Cooking Saag + Pancake Wraps + Citrus Juice: 2-8 January 2016.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I love the above quote. especially "learn constantly".
I think that no matter how much we know, we are still learning new things in every single day of our lives. Another quote I read recently was:
"Through the acquisition of knowledge, we become philosophers.
But those who believe they have come to know all, know nothing".

we had such a sweet weekend here, baking cakes and more meringues. I cooked a classic pea pulao to accompany my Mother's delicious chicken curry. 
on Monday, I marinaded and baked tandoori chicken to use in sandwiches along with the above smashed spicy avocado.

midweek, there was a giant batch of saag on the go along with a chickpea almond patty lunch. I also whipped up more homemade ice cream along with ..

 .. these pancake wraps filled with a spicy veggie egg scramble. finally to end the week, I juiced up plenty of oranges and grapefruits to make the most refreshing drink. 

here's more from my week:

 Saturday: beating more buttercream because I put burnt coffee into the first one.
 crumb coating.
second layer of icing!
 more meringues happening today!
 lemon curd.
 softly whipped cream.
 finished with lemon zest and toasted, flaked almonds. can you believe this meringue was made with only 3 egg whites? it was so big!
 and, naturally gluten-free!
Sunday: the only spice in this chicken curry was bassar curry powder and it was amazing!
with the curry, I cooked a pea pulao.
the best Sunday night dinner.
Monday: using my giant box of pickled jalapenos ...
... in a marinade for tandoori chicken.
Tuesday: slicing up avocados! 
ready to smash them for lunch!
full photo recipe here!
 Wednesday: peanut butter and strawberry jam on toast for breakfast!
so many greens ready to make saag!
spinach leaves.
fresh fenugreek leaves.
spring greens.
spring onions.
plenty of ginger and garlic.
and green chillies!

in the pot to cook!
meanwhile for lunch, I sliced up sweet potatoes.
put red onion + garlic + almonds + ground cumin + ground coriander + chickpeas + wholemeal flour + fresh basil + lemon juice into my blender.
and blended to a thick paste!
I shaped them into patties, fried and served them with minty yoghurt, sweet potato wedges and a giant salad. I adapted the recipe from here!

saag for dinner!
with buttered roti, of course!
and even better on top of it!
Thursday: I made a veggie scramble in pancakes for lunch. all you do is soften red onion and bell pepper in coconut oil.
then, add in chopped spring greens.
let them wilt down.
then, in goes beaten eggs with a little curry powder.
scramble them up!
finally, throw in a small handful of chopped basil leaves.
and, we're done! don't forget to season with salt and pepper!
cook up some British pancakes.
put the scramble onto the pancakes.
wrap up and enjoy!
later, a little ice cream making.
with peanut butter cups!
mixed and in to freeze.
assembling shepherd's pies for dinner.
the best with a cheesy top.
Friday: juicing up oranges and grapefruits today.
bottled and into the fridge to chill.

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bitter gourd curry - karela masala

tandoori chicken sandwiches with smashed peri peri avocado


Keep me in your duas please, and have a wonderful week!


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