Sunday 27 December 2015

Weekend Spring Rolls + Veggie Samosas + Wednesday Pakoras: 19-25 December 2015.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I hope you are well and happy today.
the sun is shining brightly here this morning and the air is crisp. we need a little sun today - yesterday there was flooding and power cuts in our part of the country. alhamdulillah, we weren't flooded ourselves but our power was out for a few hours.

I was sick over the weekend and just about managed to fold a tonne of spring rolls. ok, only 40 but it felt like a tonne. 
during the week, we cooked noodles, made veggie samosas and ate way too many nachos. 

cookies were rolled and baked, I fried a giant batch of pakoras and put chocolate chips into my pancakes. ooh, and I cooked a biryani!

here's more from my week:

 Saturday: making a vegetarian filling for spring rolls.
 then filling half of them with our chicken filling.
 ready to fry!
no rolls for me though - I was really sick today. spent the day surviving on toast, tomato soup and mashed potato.
 Sunday: frying the rolls at lunch.
 they were served with a soy chilli dipping sauce and green yoghurt chutney.
 for Sunday coffee, I baked off brown butter chocolate chip cookies from the freezer.
 these cookies were the best! 
and even better with a hot coffee.
Monday: the holidays were in full swing today with the first nachos of the week. honestly guys, make your nachos in the oven not the microwave. they taste so much better.
ingredients out ..
... and it's time to cook!
the result? these spicy chicken noodles.
later, proper chips with plenty of salt.
and a little samosa folding.
and frying! these beauties were filled with a veggies flavoured with Chinese 5 spice.
Tuesday: can you tell we're addicted to nachos?
they make the best snacky Tuesday lunch. here is how I make mine.
later, cookie baking!
the hearts are this recipe and the other ones are here.
dinner --> aloo methi on roti.
Wednesday: beautiful blue skies this morning.
time to shoot these!
at lunch, a giant batch of pakoras were on the go.
these ones were filled with potato, onion and peas.
so good with ketchup and yoghurt.
spot the moon!
snacking on sliced clementines!

ingredients from above!
keema on the menu today!
Thursday: pancakes for breakfast today!
I used this recipe, drowned mine in maple syrup and enjoyed them with coffee.
new cake tins! I got mine here!
filled with our homemade goodies!
at dinner, rice was soaking.
onions were caramelising. 
in went chicken and a whole host of spices.
time to layer!
and, steam!
chicken biryani for dinner! full photo recipe here!
 Friday: I put chocolate chips into my pancakes today.
 So good it was almost dessert.
tuna sweetcorn sandwiches for lunch!

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 spicy chicken noodles
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Have a wonderful week everyone! Keep me in your duas please,


Spice Enthusiast
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