Sunday 22 November 2015

Sweet Potato Crisps + Keema Pie + Nutella Rolls: 14-20 November 2015.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

guys! how are you? how's your week been? hasn't time gone so fast? I feel this week has flown by - alhamdulillah though. it's been a good one. I know that right now there are some pretty crazy things happening in this world of ours - reading the news can be quite depressing. I am a firm believer in what I wrote here. staying positive, working hard and being kind to all can really make a huge difference. I've been remembering this verse a lot lately:
.... when they were in the cave, and he said to his companion: "Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us" .....

I love this verse (revealed about the incident in the cave of Thawr) because you can imagine how Abu Bakr (ra) was so happy and comforted after hearing those words from the Prophet Muhammad (saw). And, to you as well, wherever in the world you are, do not worry about anything and do not be sad. Indeed, Allah is with you.
this week has been a good recipe testing week because I discovered the most epic, quick, small-batch Nutella cinnamon rolls. I cannot wait to bake them again for all of you.

also this week, I made a baked pasta using tomato soup as the sauce. it was crazy and so good all at the same time.
finally, we enjoyed these fluffy fruit scones baked by my mother. also, coming up in this post: a sumptuous dark chocolate cake, meat pie, sweet potato crisps, plenty of rain, herring and cauliflower two ways! 
ooh, one last thing - I didn't manage to snap it but on Friday night, it snowed here! I am so excited for more! without it being dangerous, of course. have a good week!

here's more from my week: 

Saturday: ingredients from above.

to make this!

perfect for a very wet day - when I was cooking this, the rain was pounding down on the outside roof.
at the same time, I baked a chocolate cake.
using dark chocolate.
plenty of brown sugar and coconut oil.
wet meeting dry.
and, baked.
before being glazed with a dark chocolate icing.
and, a little orange zest for colour.
guys, this cake was dark and sumptuous as the original recipe suggests.
the changes I made were to swap the flour for gluten-free self-raising flour and the coconut butter for olive oil spread.
 Sunday: my Mother bakes the best pies.
This one was filled with this Greek lamb mince and served with mashed potatoes.
for dinner, my aunt dropped off her spicy kari. she put veggie pakoras in which she had baked instead of deep-frying.
also, the classic chicken pulao.
I found this spicy mint chutney in the cupboard.
and, stirred it through yoghurt to enjoy with dinner.
Monday: a sweet potato glut asked us to make crisps with them.

they were so good! half were baked and half were fried - I'll tell you a secret --> the baked tasted better! we ate them sprinkled with salt but they would be just as good seasoned with BBQ spices.

my random lunch --> meat pie + chicken pulao + sweet potato crisps + mint yoghurt.

also today, a batch of baba ghanoush was whipped up with aubergines.
on my counter --> feta + salsa + peas + jalapeno + tortilla dough.
freshly picked mint!
pea filling!
quesadillas for dinner.
perfect for meatless Monday!

Tuesday: guys, when your windows look like this, you know it's a day for baking.
I proved some dough.
and, got to spreading/sprinkling.
glazes mixed.
you can see my classic cinnamon roll recipe here and the apple version here!
but these not-so-classic new favourites will be on their way to you soon! stock up on the Nutella!
I know you're going to love them!
Wednesday: guys, do you have snapchat? if so, you should definitely follow me ---> muslimgirlbakes. I shared the recipe for this pasta bake there on Wednesday.

you can also see it here!
the mother baked her epic fluffy fruit scones today.
they were the best with strawberry jam + olive oil spread.
scones, previously: chocolate orange scones // vanilla bean scones // Devon scones.
shepherd's pie for lunch!
Thursday: guys, do you eat a lot of tinned fish? we eat tuna a lot but not much of anything else. going to try this tinned pink salmon soon.
 the dangerous ones! my current fave is the Nutella.

snack --> pineapple + tangerine.
 for dinner, herring! for the first time ever!
we heated it up in its marinade and added a little tinned tomato. it was really good!
have you tried this? I wasn't a huge fan - I love the original.
Friday: cauliflower day! first up, fritters.
so good with yoghurt spiced with cumin.

finally, the classic. aloo gobi which you can also make in fritter form, by the way.

this time one year ago:
cinnamon pineapple cake + juicy pasta + Friday coleslaw

lately, on the blog:
rainy day biryani + crispy chicken wings + double tacos
Greek lamb with lemon orzo, olives and feta

sometimes it can be quite overwhelming deciding which good deed to do. I love the above hadith - Allah loves those things we do which are small but regular. may I suggest the recital of Tasbeeh Fatima after every salah --> 33 times Subhanallah + 33 times Alhamdulillah + 34 times Allahu Akbar.

have a wonderful week and keep me in your duas please,


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