Saturday 31 October 2015

October 2015: The One Where Autumn Arrived.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

October 2015: The One Where Autumn Arrived.

October 1: pancakes for lunch.
October 2: packing.
October 3: have you read the Quran today?
October 4: breakfast for dinner.
October 5: grate, grate, grate.
October 6: drizzling.
October 7: pie lunch.
October 8: mantra.
October 9: summer in autumn.
October 10: potsticker weekend.
October 11: new classic.
October 12: should be illegal.
October 13: sweet + spicy + cheesy.
October 14: toffee chocolate caramel.
October 15: sliced.
October 16: a classic cake followed by news of a new, adorable arrival.
October 17: making the most of autumn.
October 18: taking over the whole cooker.
October 19: had way too much fun making this.
 October 20: butternut squash carnage.
October 21: spaghetti after ages.
October 22: cleaning out the cookie bowl.
October 23: that chicken was amazing.
October 24: three in a row.
October 25: pointing out their favourites at afternoon tea.
October 26: everyone's favourite tomato soup.
October 27: pie assembly.
October 28: cake assembly.
October 29: rainy day pakoras.
October 30: tackling the madras.
October 31: sunrise.

your photos: a lemon raisin cherry version of my cherry orange loaf - baked by @assiyaapple.
a Nutella version of my jam doughnut muffins - baked by @cobbledheart.
brioche loaf - baked by @foodthroughlens. guys, I love seeing pictures of what you cook from the blog - send them to me!
my favourite meals: pancakes stuffed with chicken + veggies + chilli garlic sauce.
boiled eggs + chips + baked beans.
chicken madras + boiled rice with peas.
shepherds pie with lentils.
sweet chilli chicken with peppers + boiled rice.
spicy salmon fishcakes + lemon. full recipe here.
spicy chicken potstickers + soy chilli sauce.
vegetable pulao + mint yoghurt. full recipe here.
sweet spicy pepper + salami pizza. full recipe here.
chicken tikka pizza + coriander chilli yoghurt. full recipe here.
spicy lamb curry + spicy naan + cucumber carrot salad.
chicken seekh kebabs + naan + mint yoghurt + chilli garlic mayo + tomato carrot salad.
roasted butternut squash soup + smoky Cheddar za'atar naan dippers. full recipe here.
chicken veggie bolognese + spaghetti.
chicken veggie mince + melted cheese + crispy brioche bun.
salty, spicy chicken + autumn veggie hash.
salty, spicy chicken + melted cheese + toasted brioche bun + Cheddar onion crisps.
tuna mayo + chicken avocado + egg mayo + cheese salad. full recipes here.
tomato soup + garlic bread.
peri-peri chicken pie.
cheese and onion pastie + stir-fried vegetables + tomato ketchup. pastie recipe is here.
 my favourite bakes: digestive biscuit cake + chocolate caramel whipped ganache.
vanilla cupcakes + chocolate caramel sauce + chocolate caramel whipped ganache.
pineapple upside-down cake. full recipe here.
chocolate biscuit fridge bars. full recipe here.
giant chocolate chip cookie.
triple chocolate sprinkle cookies.
gluten-free brownie tarts <--- with actual gluten-free pastry from scratch!! 
Neapolitan marble layer cake.
my tablet wallpaper this month.
my phone wallpaper this month.
lessons learnt: well said!

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I hope you've all had a wonderful October and I pray to Allah to fill the coming month of November with blessings and happiness - ameen.

Keep me in your duas, please,


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