Tuesday 30 June 2015

June 2015: The One Where Ramadan Arrived.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

June 2015: The One Where Ramadan Arrived.

June 1: a stormy, dark night with a summery trifle.
June 2: serving.
June 3: beautiful day. and the salad was good too.
June 4: leftovers for dinner.
June 5: ready.
June 6: production line.
June 7: breakfast scenes.
June 8: edible.
June 9: my favourite.
June 10: vanilla ice cream + sprinkles + waffle cone.
June 11: aim high.
June 12: first summer berries.
June 13: easiest lunch ever.
June 14: vegetarian.
June 15: I don't recognize myself.
June 16: sliced up.
June 17: liquid gold.
June 18: the first Iftar.
June 19: pizza night!
June 20: this was shockingly good.
June 21: Sunday night meatballs.
June 22: 2am tea and porridge.
June 23: fresh things.
June 24: good things happen when you have brown butter and three kinds of chocolate.
June 25: summer in a box.
June 26: better than any chip shop.
June 27: gooey.
June 28: everything skewered.
June 29: happy daisies.
June 30: give me all the fruit.

Baking Challenge: this month's challenge was to make a Baked Alaska which didn't happen. it's still on my bucket list so Insha Allah, one day. however, this month has been all about dough. I conquered my fear of making shortcrust pastry by making a savoury one for a veggie galette.
 then I made a sweet one for a cherry pie - another thing I had been wanting to bake for forever.
also, I made pizza dough from scratch which I've done before but it just amazes me every single time. so easy!

healthy food challenge: this month's challenge was to make non-potato crisps which didn't happen. however, I made these noodles which were shockingly delicious and quite good for you.
favourite meals: pasta + tomato sauce + chicken meatballs.
 Peruvian baked chicken + herb fries + caramelized peppers and onions
 Peruvian baked chicken + steamed cabbage, carrots and peas.
 fried dumplings filled with a lamb pea filling.
 the same dumplings, this time steamed, with a soy dipping sauce.
coriander chilli cheese toast. 
 rice with carrots, raisins and almonds + lemon, lettuce and pea salad.
 kari + roti.
 gluten-free sardine fishcakes + fresh tomato salsa.
 chilli garlic chicken skewers + spicy coconut and basil rice noodles.
 summer veggie galette - shortcrust pastry + leeks + courgettes + cherry tomatoes + spring onions + sweetcorn + Cheddar.
 grilled lemon oregano chicken {chicken strips + salt + pepper + garlic + olive oil + red wine vinegar + dried oregano} + thyme-roasted tomatoes {tomatoes + salt + pepper + olive oil + fresh thyme} + grilled courgettes with feta + pine nuts + fresh coriander. more photos here!
 pizza with tomato sauce + cooked chicken + sweetcorn + tomatoes + red onion + pickled jalapeno slices + Cheddar + dried oregano + fresh basil.
 chicken pulao.
 chicken tikka skewers.
peri-peri oven fries. 
 crispy, fried fish with lemon wedges.
 smoky chicken cobb salad with chicken skewers + vinegar dressing + ranch dressing + cherry tomatoes + cucumber + radishes + pickled peppers + lettuce + olives + boiled eggs.
leftovers from the above salad wrapped up in a tortilla.
disaster: alhamdulillah, nothing cray-cray happened this month.
lessons learnt: this month, the blessed Islamic month of Ramadan arrived. today is day 13 and already I feel like I have learnt so much. Ramadan, for me, has and always will be the month of the Quran. more time, care and attention is taken in this month with the Holy Book: reciting it, understanding its meaning and trying to practice upon its teachings. 

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June, you were filled with trifles, thunderstorms, blue skies, flapjacks, mini dumplings, ice cream, berries, cherries, Nutella, pizza, cookies, the first mangoes, brownies, beautiful flowers, chicken skewers, and best of all, Ramadan.

May Allah accept our fasting, our prayers and all of our efforts - Ameen.


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