Sunday 31 May 2015

May 2015: The One Where We Baked Giant Cinnamon Rolls.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

May 2015: The One Where We Baked Giant Cinnamon Rolls.

May 1: new life.
May 2: oranges + grapes.
May 3: a cake with all my favourites.
May 4: bank holiday roasties.
May 5: not salty enough.
May 6: a raisin filled breakfast.
May 7: tortilla time.
May 8: pak choi on a Friday.
May 9: delicious anytime.
May 10: leftovers for lunch.
May 11: the smell from these toasted spices though.
May 12: pretty sugar-coated rhubarb.
May 13: coffee and clubs in the sunshine.
May 14: trying out new ways with aubergine.
May 15: blooming tulip among the blossom confetti.
May 16: lunch was very good today.
May 17: keeping the meringue in May tradition alive.
May 18: Monday roast.
May 19: putting a glut of apples to good use.
May 20: an hour before sunset.
May 21: when life gives you lemons, lemon curd is the answer.
May 22: sizzle sizzle.
May 23: completely gluten-free.
May 24: steam rising.
May 25: pistachio lime central.
May 26: yeah, we love our fruit.
May 27: summery scents.
May 28: making my favourite dough.
May 29: giant cinnamon rolls for life.
May 30: Saturday night burgers.
May 31: saag day.

baking challenge: this month, I challenged myself to make choux pastry. I first baked it last year. looking back, last year's were big but too flat and this year's were small but light and airy. still not 100% perfect, I'm afraid these have turned into a bit of a nemesis along with macarons.
healthy food challenge: this month, I challenged myself to make grilled chicken. it was a success, alhamdulillah, and you can see the results here.
 favourite meals: buttered onion bagel + scrambled eggs.
 spicy roast chicken + steamed veggies + roasted potato wedges + roasted sweet potato wedges + chilli sauce.
 buttered cinnamon raisin toast + buttered raisin pancake.
 1/2 Cheddar omelette + toast.
chicken fajitas --> chicken cooked with fajita seasoning + bell peppers wrapped in a homemade tortilla.
 potato, pepper, onion and carrot sambar + boiled rice.
 spicy grilled chicken + cheesy stuffed aubergine + cucumber + lettuce + tomato + carrot. 
spicy grilled chicken + creamy coriander dressing 
 Greek-style lamb + orzo with fresh coriander and lemon + crumbled feta + chopped olives
 bhindi / okra curry
spicy roast chicken + carrot mash + cauliflower, potato and green pea daal
pasta with 4 ingredient tomato sauce
spicy fried fish + spicy fried potatoes + lemon wedges 
 spicy grilled chicken skewers + grilled bell peppers + green yoghurt chutney + cucumber + cherry tomato + lettuce + lemon
 chicken lasagne
chicken kebabs with peas + spicy mayo ketchup + cherry tomatoes + lettuce + cucumber
messiest disaster: not so much crazy this month but messy - whilst baking Nutella rolls, we kind of overfilled on the Nutella hence the mess on the counter. cleaning wipes to the rescue!
lessons learnt: there have been so many this month but an important one is this. you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life. stop imagining what could have been or planning for things that may never even see the light of day hoping that they will make your life better somehow. your path is beautiful but not perfect (then again, whose is?) and just as it should be. be grateful for the good times, have patience in the inevitable not-so-good moments and smile through it all. today is all you have.

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May, you have taught me so much alhamdulillah. May Allah make June a source of blessing for us all especially with arrival of the month of Ramadan - Ameen!


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