Sunday 26 April 2015

Tulips + Falafel + Fritters: 18-24 April 2015.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

{via} this week, the weather has been amazing.
really sunny with my favourite blue skies so plenty of time spent outside blowing off the winter cobwebs.
my favourite flowers are growing - I also have a big thing for tulips this year. why wouldn't I though? they're stunning.
{via} food wise: raspberry ripple ice cream, falafel, oat bars, plenty of granola bowls, bbq chicken salad, aloo gobi fritters, baked salmon and a pie.

hope you've had a good one too - here are my photo highlights:   

the weekend began with cookies being scooped.
is this weird, but I never use my ice cream scoops for actual ice cream?
the weather has been amazingly beautiful this week.
the flower obsession has begun!
pretty colours.
an old ice cream favourite.
and, see! I didn't use a scoop to scoop it! plus making these kebabs for dinner.
 a Sunday morning spent baking these oat bars.
on the roti tonight: a curry mash-up between this and this.
thought I would finally go meatless on a Monday.

baked falafel all day - the recipe I adapted is here.
also. apparantly (according the mother) these are weeds. woah, even weeds are pretty these days.
and continuing from yesterday. apparantly daisies are weeds too. 
weed or not, it was about time to make a daisy chain. btw, am I the only one who finds it really hard to make these?

currently addicted to yoghurt fruit granola bowls - this one? tropical yoghurt + tropical granola + fresh mango. 
and I still haven't managed to make my own granola.
salad for dinner on a Tuesday night - namely this BBQ chicken salad.
if you know, you know.
another seriously hot Wednesday morning.
whenever there is a cauliflower in the house, the inevitable pakoras are always made.
not this time though. this time, aloo gobi fritters. 
cooked potatoes and cauliflower (boil them) + salt + red chilli flakes + green chillies + fresh coriander + peas + cornflour + pepper.
mash together.
form into patties + brush with beaten egg + fry until golden.

lunch time!
oh my days, these were so good. try them!
 baking my salmon on a Thursday night - the recipe I adapted is here.
plus these mashed potatoes were made from a box. I know!
we decided to make a pie on a Friday morning.
Mum made her own pastry and we filled it with cheese, tomato and leftover curry (the keema aloo gobi mash-up).
popped on the lid, gave it a crimp and put it into bake.
meanwhile, I finally grabbed the chance to snap these stunning tulips.
pie time!
it was super yum and a great way to make an entirely new meal out of leftovers.
in the cross-eyed frenzy of our daily doings, it is easy to forget that we are not tireless machines.
every so often we must take a pause to breathe, rest, reflect and restore ourselves to our natural settings.

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have a beautiful week everyone - make a daisy chain, listen to an inspiring talk and have lunch in the sun!


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