Sunday 15 March 2015

Sunday Roast + Sous Chef Haul + Mother's Scones: 7-13 March 2015

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This week, I'm loving how I can hear so many more birds outside now that spring is really on its way.
Our walled garden has always been a haven for birds in the warmer months, and I like nothing better at the moment than to fling open the windows and listen to the birdsong outside. A kind of natural soundtrack, if you will.
This week, I am loving receiving comments and messages from you guys about how my blog has helped or inspired you. I can't tell you how happy this makes me feel so don't be shy, get in touch. 
Whether it's in the comments below each post, through InstagramTwitterFacebook or even Pinterest. Get in touch! Ooh and my email - 
I want to know your thoughts about my recipes, especially if you've tried any of them. And most of all, I would love to try recipes from you. Send me your most favourite recipe ever, and I will try my best to give it a go.
Also, this week, can you feel the days getting longer? Omg. I so can. Summer is coming, my friends.
There have been plenty of daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops poking their heads up out of the cold ground. And, the most adorable spring lambs at the farm - they were actually skipping!
Oh, and there's been quite a bit of early morning rain round here. Which I love the sound of.
I am obsessed with Pinterest at the moment. I go through phases with Pinterest and I can tell you, the current phase is an addictive one. I have quite a few boards including one for blog recipes (which I'm still updating), pretty thingssprinkles and potatoes. Well because, potatoes.
And finally, guys, there will be days when you'll find tiny bugs in your over-date gluten free self-raising flour, which you'll then have to bin in despair. You're just about to text your gluten-free cousin the sorry news that the brownies she wanted will now not be very gluten-free since you'll have to use normal plain flour. 
But then before you've even tapped on the WhatsApp icon, your mother (the epic genius that she is) has a brainwave. Use cornflour and ground almonds in place of the flour and solve the gluten-free problem all together. 
And you do. And they are the best brownies ever. 
Yes guys, there will be those kinds of days.
I'm going to stop rambling now and get on with sharing more (this time, in picture form) from my week along with my favourite web links (at the bottom).

 Saturday: Eggs cracked for breakfast.
This morning, potato cakes, scrambled eggs and beans!
Today, I baked a cake.
 Sunday: Adorable, tiny birds outside the window.
Making the frosting ...
... for that cake.
Swirling action from Mum, plenty of sprinkles and the cake was ready! The full recipe is here.
A spicy roast chicken for Sunday lunch.
Along with veggies ...
... homemade gravy - which I made by adding a little extra water to the roasting juices at the bottom of the tin, and then thickening with cornflour.
And, we tried Yorkshire Puddings for the first time. They weren't 100% perfect so if you have any tips or go-to recipes, let me know!
Time to eat! Bismillah!
 Monday: I had a tab open on my computer from the Sous Chef website. Finally, I managed to take time out and order the goodies in my basket. First, sweet smoked paprika and hot smoked paprika.
A tea and spice infusion ball.
Vietnamese rice paper wrappers.
Pomegranate molasses.
Virgin coconut oil.
Fleur de sel.
Smoked chipotle chilli powder.
Preserved lemons.
Cooked fava beans.
And, vegetarian oyster sauce. 

Lunch - a creamy tomato soup.
And, another veggie dish at dinner - main ingredients were green lentils, onions and rice.
This was dinner and a recipe test - I'll be sharing the results soon, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the full recipe.
Tuesday: Mum made veggie pakoras today.
 Wednesday: And, today, she made fruit scones.
And, wow, they were good. I'll be getting her to make them again soon to share with all of you, Insha Allah.
Putting two spices mixes together for dinner.
At home, we have a coffee grinder which we use just to grind whole spices into powder.
You can't beat freshly ground spices at home.
Lunch was a real favourite of mine.
Chilli Garlic Chicken Salad.

For dinner, meatballs.
Browned and then cooked in a tomato sauce. I got the recipe from this book.
Thursday: A request to make gluten-free browniesThis is the flour I usually use for GF recipes.
Unfortunately, things didn't exactly as planned as you can read at the beginning of this post.
But all's well that ends well. The brownies were beyond epic, alhamdulillah, and have given me an idea for a new GF brownie recipe.
 Friday: Who else likes cake rusk? They are having a bit of a revival in our house at the moment.
Tea and a good book can get anyone through a cloudy afternoon after a morning spent making samosas  with an aunt.
For dinner, a smoky fish stir-fry.

With homemade wedges!


A few of my favourite links from around the web this week:

1. Crispy chicken nuggets. Addictive.
2. The chocolate cake. Can I make it again? For the third time?
3. Chicken and tomato tagliatelle pasta. Perfect for a cold Spring evening.
4. Brown sugar chocolate chip muffins. Omg, breakfast just got very interesting.
5. Snow day. That feeling when everything is cancelled though.
6. Bengali pabda fish curry. Cannot wait to try this.
7. Cinnamon rolls with rosewater. Mother/daughter love.
8. The organised Muslimah. Loved this.


Have a beautiful week everyone - make a pie, pick fresh flowers and explore your garden!

Keep me in your duas, please,


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