Saturday 31 January 2015

January 2015: The One Where It Snowed.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

January 2015. The One Where It Snowed.

January 1: Yep. This is what dinner looks like sometimes.
Leftover green chicken mince + 1/2 quesadilla + curry noodles.
January 2: Who needs cookbooks when you write a foodblog? Says she with a whole shelf full of them.
January 3: Crayons, lantern-making and adorable kids.
January 4: Sunday coffee with homemade chocolate orange biscuits.
January 5: My mint sauce phase - enjoyed with simply boiled new potatoes with salt and pepper for lunch.
January 6: Morning skies complete with birds.
January 7: Breakfast - tortilla + spinach scrambled egg + hot tomato salsa.
January 8: Moments of clarity.
January 9: Blitzing clementines to a pulp.
January 10: My cousin is a pro at cups of English breakfast tea on a Saturday evening.
January 11: Buttery shortbread for Sunday tea.
January 12: Baking mini Bakewell Tarts.
January 13: Sunny start to the day. Always a good sign.
January 14: Let it snow!
January 15: What Thursday mornings look like sometimes. Sometimes.
January 16: Good food + good company.
January 17: Speckled chocolate orange goodness.
January 18: Mini chocolate! Always better.
January 19: Sour cream and onion. The best.
January 20: Runaway fox.
January 21: Winter wonderland.
January 22: New favourite.
January 23: Cooking with colour.
January 24: Anything with peanuts and chocolate is fine by me.
January 25: Syrupy Sunday waffles.
January 26: Coconut macaroon thief.
January 27: The most delicious dishes create the most mess.
January 28: Lunch prep - avocado + lime juice + olive oil.
January 29: Prints in the snow.
January 30: Sunbathing birds.
January 31: Fresh flowers for the weekend and the beginning of a new month.

January 2015:
My favourite blog recipe: Cappuccino Pavlova
Your favourite blog recipe: Chilli Garlic Chicken Skewers + Olive Oil Yoghurt Dip
My favourite week in pictures: January snow + Boston cream doughnuts + vanilla bean glaze.
Your favourite week in pictures: Crayons + plenty of veg + brownies before breakfast.

My favourite Instagram post.
Your favourite Instagram post.
Craziest disaster: Trying to take a photo whilst adding a giant basket of greens to a pan of boiling water. Oh, and trying not to burn my white sauce at the same time.
Lessons learnt: I am constantly learning new things everyday. I mean, who isn't? But I was reminded by the above quote (which has always been one of my favourites) that this moment, whether good or bad, will soon pass. 
If it is good and I am happy, I thank Allah for it. And, if it is bad and I am sad, I try to be patient and ask Allah to help me through. 
Baking Challenge: This month, I challenged myself to bake a Dundee Cake. I'll be sharing the results soon, Insha Allah.
Healthy Recipe Challenge: This month, I challenged myself to make my version of Avocado on Toast. And, let's not talk about why this photo is blue. It's called life, and it happens. Sometimes.

I hope that this month of January was filled with blessings and good moments for you. And even if there were a few bad days (which I'm sure there were), I hope that you got through them and became a stronger person. May Allah help us all in whatever we are finding difficult and may He accept all of our efforts. Ameen.

Have a good February, and keep me in your duas, please,


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