Saturday 10 January 2015

Crayons + Plenty of Veg + Brownies Before Breakfast: 3 January - 9 January 2015

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This week I have:

Cooked a sticky chicken recipe // Fallen back in love with mint sauce // Made more dishes with salmon // Tried a new coriander-based paste // Realised that planning helps me to be more productive // Baked brownies before breakfast // Made coconut ice and flapjacks in an hour thanks to a challenge from my cousin // Re-discovered one of my favourite chapters from the Quran which I will be sharing soon on my second blog.

 Saturday: The weekend began with a visit from my cousin and her young children. Cue crayons, coloured paper and lantern-making.
Today, I cooked one of my favourite new recipes from 2014. It's under there somewhere, hiding beneath the salad.
 Sunday: Breakfast this morning were these waffles.
Sunday coffee with homemade biscuits. 
Carrots and peppers ready to be steamed. I think steaming veg is one of the easiest ways to cook them.
Chopped garlic ready to be joined by more ingredients.
Monday: Ingredients out, ready to make a veggie family favourite.
It's these!!
Trying to take advice from this article by keeping a bowl ready for all the peel.
A giant batter filled with gram flour, onions, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green chillies, spinach, peppers, spring onions and spices - ready to fry!

I shared this picture on Instagram today. It's a veggie dish which I made last week, and cannot wait to share with you all soon, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the full photo recipe.
For lunch, simply boiled salad potatoes with salt, pepper and mint sauce. 

Tuesday: Oh, hey there Tuesday. A beautiful sunrise to begin the day.
A trail of garlic to accompany ...
... a giant, fresh coriander bunch.
The coriander was the star of the show in one of my new favourite dishes, which I will share soon, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the full photo recipe.
For lunch, a veggie hash loosely based on this recipe.
I made this by heating up a tablespoon of garlic rapeseed oil - but any oil will do.
When the oil is hot, I fried a few chopped spring onions. I then threw in cooked (mine were steamed or boiled) broccoli, carrots, and salad potatoes. I cooked them until they were really crispy and golden brown.
Finally, in went chopped baby spinach, salt and pepper. The spinach was just cooked for a few seconds.
And, then the hash was tossed onto a plate with a perfectly scrambled egg.
Honestly, this was one of the best lunches I've had in a while. It could also be breakfast or dinner. Just saying.
A few peppers sliced up whilst preparing dinner.
And, a little lemon zest and fresh coriander to brighten everything up!
Wednesday: Yep, just casually whipping up a batch of brownies before breakfast.
I said before breakfast. Not for breakfast. I wish.
P.S. To the original recipe, I added 1/2 teaspoon each of salt and ground coffee. Game changer.
I even took the bowl outside for a little fresh air. For some reason, the house was really hot inside. Don't even get me started on the heating wars in our house - reminds me of this article.
I highly highly highly recommend you try out this brownie recipe. They are perfection every time.
Finally, breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. Today, spinach scrambled eggs on a soft tortilla.
Topped with hot salsa - which I am dying to make from scratch after a conversation with my cousin about proper salsa making.
Anyway, this hot salsa did the job today - a delicious start to the day.
Later, I prepared a breakfast crumble for the next day - I'll be sharing this soon, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the full photo recipe.
Using my cinnamon maple granola.

A great make-ahead hot winter breakfast.
Later, I made a batch of Coconut Ice. Along, with a batch of flapjacks.
I used the usual recipe but added in desiccated coconut, ground ginger and glace cherries. 
Baked to golden perfection for the flapjack, coconut, cherry, ginger loving members of the family.

Finally, wrapping a few parcels for dinner. Recipe coming, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the full photo recipe.
 Thursday: Remember those brownies from yesterday?
Well, here they are in all their glory. You have to give the recipe a go. It's amazing every time.

For breakfast, a breakfast crumble.

moment of peace and clarity in this chaotic world.
Getting ready to prep and shoot dinner!
Plenty of green things were involved.
And, this super-pretty purple cabbage. Recipe coming soon, Insha Allah!
Update: Here is the full photo recipe.
Friday: Casually boiling clementines on a Friday morning.
Then, blitzing them!
And, making plenty of mess in the process. Recipe coming soon, Insha Allah.
Update: Here is the full photo recipe.

Recipes on the blog this week:

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Have a lovely week everyone!


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