Sunday 7 September 2014

Pakora Burgers + Lime Pie Popsicles + Fresh Oregano: 30 August - 5 September 2014

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

 Saturday: After the success of the Nutella version, I thought I would try turning one of my Mum's favourite desserts into an ice lolly. I used a mixture of this recipe and this one.
After juicing a few limes ...
.... I blended the juice with milk, double cream and condensed milk.
Then, poured the tangy sweet mixture into ice lolly moulds - I have these ones but my eye is on these. The lollies were left to freeze overnight.
It was pouring with rain by the time night fell, and I made a recipe for dinner that I first cooked back in May.
The recipe used fresh oregano which I don't think we grew then but now my Mum has an entire tree of the stuff. And, they grow with these tiny, adorable flowers.
Marinades were made ..
.. and salads were sliced - before long, dinner was served.
Update: Here is the recipe.
Or maybe drizzle squaresa Swiss roll or a jug of lemonade?
 Sunday: For breakfast, I cooked up a bowl of Spicy Scrambled Eggs for everyone.
Later on in the day, I crushed up a few Digestive Biscuits.
Grabbed the lollies from the freezer.
I pulled out a lovely, creamy lolly.
Dipped both sides in the biscuit crumbs - the crust is the best part in a Key Lime Pie, as far as I'm concerned. 
And, took it out to my Mum who was busy working in the garden.
The lolly was very tangy but with the perfect balance of sweetness. It was refreshing and creamy - a real citrus lovers' delight.
Today was also the last day of August - can't believe summer has already come to an end. But I'm very excited for autumn!
 Monday: We made a batch of Vegetable Pakoras with cauliflower, peas, potatoes and onions.
I served the fresh, crispy pakoras with tomato ketchup and yoghurt chutney.
 Tuesday: After the success of my last homemade jam, my Mum told me to turn a few boxes of frozen fruit into more jam.
I used frozen summer berries and raspberries.
Boiled it up with jam sugar and a little lemon juice, and let it cool.
Another sharing platter for lunch!
Pakoras in wholemeal buns with tomato ketchup and spicy yoghurt - inspired by this recipe! 
Chunks of sweet melon
Strawberries and blueberries
Yoghurt with granola.
The pakora burger was pretty good.
Time to bottle up the jam.
Once set, it's ready to use!
 Wednesday: Baking day!
First up were simple Flapjacks.
Chewy, sticky and full of syrupy goodness!
Next, I made a Salted Caramel.
But, I was a second too late and it burnt. Things don't always work out as you want them to in the kitchen. That's why the next day, I tried again.

Mum did try to save the burnt one by stirring in more cream but the horrible taste was still there.
Then, I baked a sponge for a cake.
I always like to bake cakes a day in advance that way they are completely cool - ready for the topping!
Thursday: Time to whip a little cream!
Coffee + Cream = Amazing Combination!
Ready to join its cake!
Baked up the last batch of frozen cookies!
This cake was a real hit with everyone - can't wait to share the recipe with you guys!
Update: Here is the recipe.
Friday: No photos today so here are a few of my favourite pins from my Pinterest boards.
Love the chalkboard idea!
Those flowers!
I would love to be as organised as this.

But I suppose there are a few advantages to being of the disorganized kind!
So beautiful!
 Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream
Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops and Cotton Candy Macarons

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I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with lots of beautiful moments that make you smile!


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