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Thai Noodle Soup

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

After much indulgence last night, this Thai Noodle Soup is exactly what I need today.

 So it's good that it is so quick to make. I'm a huge fan of Thai food and had been on the hunt for a noodle soup that ticked all the boxes for a while. I tried this one on Friday and I think it's safe to say that it has definitely made it onto my favourites list. 

What makes this soup so great is the broth which has been flavoured with coriander and turmeric, not to mention the freshest curry paste ever, made with fresh chillies, coriander, ginger and garlic. Pour in the coconut milk, and the balance of spice becomes just perfect. You must try this today especially if you're looking for something a little lighter!

Soups, previously: Cheesy Broccoli Soup, Roasted Tomato SoupSummer Gazpacho SoupCarrot and Coriander SoupChicken Noodle Soup and many more! Can you tell we love our soup round here? 

The ingredients you'll need to make this bowl of goodness are Ginger, Jalapeno Chillies, Lemon Zest, Garlic, Fresh Coriander, Vegetable Oil, Ground Coriander, Ground Turmeric, Vegetable Stock Cubes, Water, Noodles, Coconut Milk, Baby Spinach, Salt and Boneless Chicken.

Bismillah, let's begin!

Grab your recipe :)

Into a blender, place Ginger, Garlic, Jalapeno Chillies and Lemon Zest. You can use green or red chillies instead of Jalapeno, if you want.

Add in Fresh Coriander, and blend to a paste. Add Vegetable Oil, as needed to make the paste smoother.

Take a shallow pan, and heat on a medium heat. Add in the paste.

Fry for a few minutes, stirring, until fragrant.

Then, take Ground Coriander, Ground Turmeric, Water and Vegetable Stock Cubes.

Add to the pan, and bring to the boil.

Next, add in the Boneless Chicken Pieces.

Crack open a tin of Coconut Milk.

Pour it in.

Stir it in and bring to the boil. Simmer, covered for about 15-20 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked.

While the soup cooks away, time to cook the noodles. I used these wholewheat ones but you can use any you like.

Cook them in boiling water according to packet instructions, and then drain.

Once the soup is done ..

.. add in Fresh Coriander and Baby Spinach

Stir in and taste for seasoning. Add Salt, if needed.

Divide the noodles into bowls.

Top with a few chicken pieces.

Then, ladle on the soup.

Add a few dashes of Fish Sauce, if you want.

Another way I like to eat this soup is with chicken which has been marinated in Thai 7 Spice Powder, and then cooked.
I hope you enjoy this soup as much as we did, and we certainly needed it after all this indulgence yesterday!

Full Written Recipe:

Thai Noodle Soup

Adapted from a recipe by Nigel Slater 

Ingredients – serves approx 4

1 good knob of Fresh Ginger, peeled and roughly 

2 Jalapeno Chillies, halved

3 Garlic Cloves, peeled

Zest of a Lemon

Handful of Fresh Coriander

Vegetable Oil, as needed

1 tablespoon Ground Coriander

2 pinches Ground Turmeric

2 Vegetable Stock Cubes

700 ml Water, or as needed

2 Noodle Nests, or as needed

1 can Coconut Milk (400 ml)

1 pound Boneless Chicken Pieces or raw prawns, if you wish

Salt, to taste

Few splashes of Fish Sauce, to taste (optional)

Handful Baby Spinach, chopped

Handful Fresh Coriander, chopped


Place the ginger, jalapeno chilli, lemon zest, fresh coriander and garlic into a blender. Blend until smooth. Add the vegetable oil if you need it, to make a paste.

Add the paste to a shallow pan on a medium heat, and fry for a few minutes, stirring.

Add in the ground coriander, ground turmeric, water and vegetable stock cubes. Bring to the boil.

Pour in the coconut milk and stir in. Then add in the chicken pieces, and boil. Once boiling, simmer on the lowest heat and cover for about 15 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked through.

Add the chopped coriander and chopped spinach, and simmer for few minutes.

Taste for seasoning, and add salt, if needed.

Cook the noodles in boiling water according to package instructions, then divide them between bowls.

Pour over the hot soup, add fish sauce if you want, and serve!

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