Monday, 4 November 2013

Maltesers Cookies

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is for Maltesers Cookies, and uses only five ingredients. These cookies are packed full of Maltesers - those famous chocolate balls filled with honeycomb. After baking and cooling, dip the cookies in melted chocolate for an extra chocolate taste!

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Butter
2. Sugar
3. Condensed Milk
4. Maltesers
5. Self-Raising Flour

Bismillah, let's bake!

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4.

In to a mixing bowl, place eight ounces (226 grams) softened butter.

When I made these, I melted the butter. But I wouldn't recommend doing that because it makes it really hard to mix in the flour and let it become a dough - so just leave the butter softened and not melted!

To the butter, add four ounces (113 grams) sugar.

Whisk to combine.

Next, add 1/2 cup condensed milk.

Take two 88 gram bags of Maltesers. You could add more if you want.

Crush the Maltesers in the unopened bag with a heavy object.

Add them to the bowl.

Finally, add sixteen ounces (453 grams) self-raising flour.

Mix until a dough forms. If it's too sticky, then add a tablespoon of flour each time. You should be able to roll the dough into little balls with your hands.

Roll the dough into little balls, and place onto a greased and lined baking tray.

Press each ball down with a fork.

Bake for 15 minutes in a preheated oven at Gas Mark 4.

Allow to cool completely on a wire rack.

Serve with dipped in melted chocolate with milk!


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  1. Assalammualaikum Sister Faatimah,

    Happy Maal Hijrah to you too.
    May our previous good deeds Allah accepts and forgave us on all wrong doings.
    And also on this year 1435H pray that it will be full of blessings and will make us Insha Allah be more motivated to do more good deeds. A Muslimah that can benefits others in some way or another. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes.


    1. Assalamu alaikum to you too! Jazakillah khair for your beautiful comments and duas! Yes we should try and benefit others in whichever way we can, be it big or small! Wasalaam!

  2. Asalaam sister, mashaAllahthese look yummy...want to make them however before i do,i wanted to ask did you use caster or granulated sugar?
    Jazakillah Khair!

    1. Wa alaikumus salaam! I usually use caster sugar when baking but granulated works just as well. Hope you enjoy them! :)


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