Monday 10 December 2012

My Grandma's Potato Pancakes

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is a classic Sunday breakfast in my house. These savoury pancakes were first made by my grandmother, and she sometimes even used to put a little leftover lentil curry in. But these were and still are a weekend breakfast favourite for us served with spicy scrambled eggs and hot tea, or in my case, orange juice.

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Grated Potato

2. An Egg
3. Salt and Pepper
4. Red Chilli Powder
5. Milk
6. Plain Flour
7. Vegetable Oil

Bismillah, let's start!

Grate one large potato into a mixing bowl.

 Add one egg.

 Add one teaspoon salt.

And one teaspoon black pepper.

 And one teaspoon red chilli powder.

Next, add 1/3 cup milk.

Stir the mixture to combine.

Next, add 4 ounces plain flour.

And add more milk, to make a smooth batter.

 Stir until combined.

 Heat a little oil in a frying pan, and spoon in some of the batter. Spread it out with a spatula, until you get a round and thin pancake. Cook for a few minutes, until golden brown and cooked.

 Serve at once, as these are best piping hot.

Full Written Recipe:

Grandma’s Potato Pancakes


·     1 large Potato, peeled and grated
·     1 Egg
·     1 teaspoon Salt
·     1 teaspoon Black Pepper
·     1 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder
·     Milk, to make a batter
·     4 ounces (113 grams) Plain Flour
·     Vegetable Oil, for frying


1.  Put the potato, the egg, salt, black pepper, red chilli powder and 1/3 cup of milk into a mixing bowl. Stir well.

2.  Add the flour and enough milk to make a smooth batter.

3.  Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Spoon in some of the batter and smooth it out with a spatula. Fry for a few minutes on both sides until golden brown and crispy.

4.  Serve at once!

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