About Me!

Assalamu alaikum and welcome everyone!

My name is Faatimah and I want to welcome you to my little space on the internet - the place where I can ramble on about food for as long as I like and share my latest recipe obsession with all of you.

On my blog, you'll find step-by-step photo recipes for both sweet and savoury halal dishes.

I love putting a halal spin on many different cuisines. As my family is originally from Pakistan, you'll find plenty of plenty of traditional Pakistani food here - the kind your mother used to make but you were always too scared to try yourself.

I was born and brought up in England so there are plenty of English recipes here too. However, I love discovering and putting my Halal-spin on new cuisines. My current favourites are authentic Chinese and Middle-Eastern.

And of course, I love ticking things off my baking bucket list. Baking is how my love for the kitchen began. There's lots of classic baked goods here along with a few more adventurous ones. And everything is halal, of course!

Finally, a few fun facts about me in the kitchen. I have way too many chilli sauces in the cupboard, always make wonky layer cakes and cannot stand desiccated coconut.

Have a browse through my blog and enjoy!

Spice Enthusiast
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